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WorkForce Software Sponsors SuccessFactors’ SuccessConnect 2012 Events

June 14th, 2012

WorkForce Software, the leading provider of workforce management solutions for organizations with complex labor policies and stringent compliance demands, today announced that the company is a sponsor at SuccessFactors’ SuccessConnect event in London, England.

SuccessConnect 2012 will explore how the SuccessFactors BizX Suite can transform your business by transforming your workforce. The event will assemble SuccessFactors customers and partners, including WorkForce Software, as well as industry analysts and thought leaders, to share experiences and discuss how to deliver real change by getting the most out of SuccessFactors.

WorkForce Software’s continued partnership with SuccessFactors is helping companies accelerate business execution. WorkForce Software has leveraged its understanding and proven track record within the workforce management space and combined this expertise with SuccessFactors’ market-leading BizX Suite to fully integrate strategic workforce management solutions with core HR. At SuccessConnect 2012, WorkForce Software will highlight the latest iteration of their award-winning EmpCenter workforce management suite.

“Workforce management has evolved far beyond the simplistic ‘punch-in/punch-out’ approach,” stated Kevin Choksi, CEO and co-founder of WorkForce Software. “From ensuring compliance with national and local regulations to driving continuous improvement, workforce management solutions play an increasingly strategic role in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and even driving top-line growth. SuccessConnect provides an ideal opportunity for us to bring this message — and highlight our expertise — to SuccessFactors clients.”

“SuccessConnect brings together organizations of all sizes and all industries to discuss today’s number one business imperative — how companies execute,” said Mercedes Ellison, vice president, global alliances, SuccessFactors. “WorkForce Software’s leadership and innovation work seamlessly with SuccessFactors’ commitment to helping customers improve business alignment and people performance to drive breakthrough results for companies of all sizes.”

WorkForce Software was also a sponsor of the San Francisco, California and Sydney, Australia SuccessConnect events. The SuccessConnect London conference will take place on June 12 – 14, delivering world-class content and keynotes from SuccessFactors executives and customers. The events will also include programs for prospective customers who want to learn more about SuccessFactors products and services.


iHRIS Version 4.1 & Website Expands Software Options for Global Health Workforce

April 27th, 2012

This week, IntraHealth International announced the release of iHRIS 4.1, the first major release of the groundbreaking open source software in two years. The release includes new features of iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify—the core products of the open source suite of software—that improve data security, better support decentralized health systems, and give health workers access to their own data.

“The world needs more than 4 million more health workers, and Africa alone needs 1 million more,” said Pape Gaye, IntraHealth International’s president and CEO. “Having enough health workers is important, but not sufficient. Through iHRIS, countries can have accurate information on the numbers and qualifications of their health workers, ensure they are working where needed to provide essential care for their populations, and plan for future needs.”

Using iHRIS, managers and other decision-makers can identify health workforce issues and plan interventions to improve health worker deployment and management. Adaptation of open standards, such as SDMX-HD, ensures iHRIS data can be shared with in-country health information systems. The iHRIS software has had 23 new iterations and upgrades since the 4.0 version was released in July 2009.

iHRIS is a suite of web-based, open source products currently being used by 12 countries to track, manage and support more than 475,000 health workers globally. It is specifically designed for use by ministries of health, professional health councils and other organizations in low-resource countries. The new release allows officials to maintain and update health worker records within a specific region, district or facility and empowers individual health workers to update their own records or apply for a new position using a new “self-service” option.

The software was developed by IntraHealth while working on US Agency for International Development-funded projects aimed to strengthen human resources for health in developing countries around the world. IntraHealth projects across the globe support the customization of the software for specific country needs.

In conjunction with the release of iHRIS version 4.1, IntraHealth launched the newly designed website,, which enables users to quickly download the software and learn how to implement and customize it. Local developers can access the source code, learn how to adapt the software for each country’s specific needs and contribute to development of the software. Country implementers can test the software online and learn how iHRIS is being used at national, district and facility levels. Volunteers can participate in testing the software or translating it into additional languages. is a dynamic site that will evolve as the software expands and to meet the needs of a growing community that supports the software.

“We are excited to offer this latest version of iHRIS and its website. The software represents our commitment to providing health workers with the tools they need to effectively manage their records, resources and data, and provide the best care possible,” said Dykki Settle, director of eHealth/informatics at IntraHealth, who described the new product during IntraHealth’s first annual SwitchPoint conference on Friday, April 20.

For over 30 years, in more than 90 countries, IntraHealth International has empowered health workers to better serve communities in need, fostering local solutions to health care challenges by improving health worker performance, strengthening health systems, harnessing technology and leveraging partnerships. The nonprofit’s work is supported and funded by the US Agency for International Development, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, private foundations, corporations and individuals.


WorkForce Software Announces Strong First Quarter Performance

April 24th, 2012

WorkForce Software, the leading provider of workforce management solutions for organizations with complex labor policies and stringent compliance demands, today shared details of its results from the first quarter of 2012. Continuing the momentum of record-setting revenue growth throughout 2011, the company secured a number of new clients, experienced an increase in multi-product buyers, and saw a strong rise in revenue growth compared to the same quarter last year.

WorkForce Software saw a 50 percent increase in Q1 revenue and a 57 percent increase in bookings of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) workforce management solution over the same period last year. Throughout the first quarter, WorkForce Software won contracts with numerous clients employing from 5,000 to 30,000 workers in a wide range of industries. New clients include:

Further bolstering the company’s strong growth, WorkForce Software continued to see new clients take a more comprehensive and strategic approach to workforce management. In addition to the widely used Time & Attendance solution, the majority of new clients have also selected additional capabilities, particularly Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT), WorkForce Software’s leading absence management solution, and EmpCenter Analytics, to understand key labor and business metrics. Moreover, several of the company’s longstanding clients have renewed and upgraded their contracts to include additional EmpCenter offerings in Q1.

“Based on our strong performance throughout 2011 and in the first quarter of this year, WorkForce Software is well positioned to accelerate planned enhancements to our industry-leading EmpCenter solutions while continuing to grow our client community,” said Kevin Choksi, WorkForce Software CEO and co-founder.

Vision 2012 Kick-Off In the midst of WorkForce Software’s strong performance and growth, the company is currently hosting its Vision 2012 user conference. The event brings together current and prospective EmpCenter users to share insights, discuss workforce management strategies and network with WorkForce Software team members and other industry thought leaders.

The event kicked off last night and will continue through Wednesday, April 25. Conference attendees will gain actionable information they can take back to their organizations as they learn from a range of industry leaders and sought-after consultants. Ann Rhoades, a dynamic and visionary human resources executive with more than 25 years of experience, delivered the keynote address this morning, titled “Built on Values: Creating an Enviable Culture That Outperforms the Competition.” Other featured speakers who will present during the conference include industry experts Bill Kutik, Carol Boyer, Lisa Disselkamp and China Gorman.

“Vision 2012 provides our clients with the opportunity to learn from their peers and industry experts, as they gain insight into the solutions that can transform their business operations,” said Choksi. “It also presents an unmatched opportunity to get valuable insights from our clients. Their guidance is vital to helping us develop the next generation of workforce management solutions for a rapidly growing community of users across the globe.”


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