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Parature Releases Next-Gen Version of Service Desk

July 31st, 2012

Parature, a global leader in cloud-based customer service software, announced today a new version of its Parature Service Desk to streamline efficiencies for customer service representatives (CSRs). This sophisticated next-gen version of the Parature Service Desk is a strong example of Parature’s brand promise, Customer Service Software That Revolves Around You (TM), and the company’s continuing commitment to customer service excellence.

With the 2012 Parature Service Desk software, CSRs will log into a brand new agent interface with faster, easier access to customer information, as well as improved usability and readability for even more efficient customer service and support.

“We are extremely impressed with the new layout and user interface from Parature,” said Jeffrey Mullins, Assistant Director of Journal Services, American Chemical Society. “With this version, our agents can conduct advanced customer searches, access important account information, and view service histories more quickly than ever before. The new look and the new functions are exciting. When we can save time for our agents, and make their jobs easier, then we are able to provide better, more thorough service to our customers with faster response times.”

In 2012, Parature revised its branding with a new logo, new website and an updated, forward-thinking look and feel for the company. But the change was not just a visual one. With the rebranding, Parature firmly established its competitive differentiator: customer service and customer service software that revolves around Parature’s customers.

“Our customers’ experience, and in turn, the service experience of their customers, is incredibly important to us,” says Ching-Ho Fung, CEO and Co-founder of Parature.

“As we approach 50 million end users, innovating Parature’s service desk means even more to us,” says Fung. “For our new customers, and for those who have been with us more than a decade, we want to give them the best UI available, a UI for the next generation of service agents.”

Features of the 2012 Parature Service Desk include:

Service Desk User Experience Enhancements -

The new service desk now reflects Parature’s new branding, giving Parature users improved usability and readability, with more service desk information now located above the fold and available for view without additional scrolling. This next-gen UI makes key customer service processes and the 360o view of the customer quickly accessible for improved usability.

New Customer Toolkit -

The Ticket Toolkit puts the most critical customer information in view at all times showing the top 10 Customer and Account fields. Agents also have one click access from the Toolkit to open full customer or account information in a new tab. A new WYSIWYG editor provides increased speed and usability.

Advanced Customer Search –

Agents can now find customers more quickly and easily via a single search. An updated Customer Quick Search feature now searches across all fields for a contact. CSRs simply enter their search term and Parature’s software searches across all fields on the customer including custom fields, account name and SLA.

Real-time Parature Performance Updates - provides real-time information on the performance of the Parature system, allowing Parature users to conveniently check and view the performance status of Parature at any time, and provides RSS notifications of any system issues.

Share Ideas for CSRs -

Share Ideas allows Parature users to submit and vote on product enhancements and feature requests. Parature continuously reviews all submissions and votes and uses these as inputs to the product roadmap. The product team updates ideas as they are placed on the roadmap, planned for a next release or released into production.

Audit History / Change Tracking –

Customer Administrators can now track who has made changes to Customer and Account fields, when they made changes, and what changes have been made to provide for better accountability when it comes to all-important customer and account information.

Email Reply Settings -

New settings provide control over how Email replies act on Closed or Solved Tickets.

Discrete CC Notifications -

A new option specific to notifications to CC’ed Customers or CSRs ensures companies reach the right audience with its message.

Custom Assign Action -

Ticket Administrators have the ability to map assign or clone actions to a specific Queue or Department. In turn these actions can be integrated into the workflow to only be available to specific users or at specific times.

Comparisons for Null, Not Null to Criteria Editor -

New Criteria Editor supports “null” and “not null” comparisons, simplifying rules logic and making it easier to maintain.

Parature to JIRA Integration -

This integration improves collaboration and communication between your support agents working in Parature and your developers working in JIRA, the leading bug tracking and project tracking software, by automatically creating JIRA issues from Parature tickets and updating important information between the two systems.

“What’s terrific about Parature is that they listen to their individual customers’ ideas and requests for their product,” says Nancy Porte, Vice President, Customer Experience for Vovici, a Verint company, “and the enhancements they make, like the ones in this release, improve customer service processes for everyone.”

Mobile Service Desk

Parature is also introducing its mobile service desk which includes web-based mobile access to the Parature Service Desk via all major mobile and tablet browsers (W7, Android, Mobile Safari). The service desk always remains up to date, with no app to update or install. Agents can easily switch between multiple Parature departments, look up tickets by ticket number, access ticket views and queues, perform actions and update tickets.

“We’ve designed this new version of our Service Desk with the agent in mind, incorporating important feedback from our clients on what would make things more efficient for them,” says Fung. “We’re proud to roll out these features to our more than 1,000 customers, and will continue to make improvements to both our Service Desk and Customer Portal to constantly improve on the customer service experience and ensure our commitment to service excellence.”


AspDotNetStorefront’s Newest Version of MSx, 9.3, Gives Online Merchants Even More Powerful Features for Converting Browsers into Buyers

May 22nd, 2012

AspDotNetStorefront releases the next generation of its AspDotNetStorefront MSx shopping cart platform with features for enhanced conversions.

AspDotNetStorefront, the #1 .Net e-commerce shopping cart platform, officially released MSx version 9.3, its latest MultiStore shopping cart software this Monday, May 21st. Considerable updates to the underlying architecture, user interface, store configurations, and administrative functionality have further improved the already robust, highly customizable e-commerce platform. Three new significant features give the over 12,000 users, more power to convert browsers into buyers.

“With the 9.3 release of MSx, we’ve made specific improvements designed to boost conversion starting from the minute the user hits a merchant’s site, all the way through to the moment they click to confirm the purchase. Not the least of these is the addition of PayPal Payments Advanced,” said Jo Benson, COO of Vortx, owners of AspDotNetStorefront. She continued, “With this new addition we are giving our users the ability to offer the preferred checkout methods of millions upon millions of avid online shoppers.” This addition also makes AspDotNetStorefront one of the only e-commerce platforms available with five integrated PayPal payment methods, as well as “Checkout by Amazon”.

While PayPal options work to boost conversions at the checkout end of the user experience, the free, built-in Mobile Commerce functionality ensures that merchants can create a smoother shopping experience for the quickly growing segment of mobile shoppers who prefer to shop using their smart phone.

The anticipated release of MSx 9.3, prompted many current users to purchase Upgrade Rights months in advance to ensure they could move their store to the latest and greatest version of the AspDotNetStorefront MultiStore platform without delay. Requests for the MSx 9.3 release date poured in during recent months from excited merchants and developers eagerly awaiting the newest version, validating the continued popularity of AspDotNetStorefront’s e-commerce platforms and the importance of selecting the right cart for successful conversion for a growing online business.

Other new features include administrative functionality improvements for managing MoreStores (multiple storefronts) through the admin console, as well as enhancements giving store admins more ease and flexibility in creating and managing new products prior to publishing catalog changes on the live site. Automated product inventory level notifications via email are a new addition, by popular demand.

The really big news, however, is the addition of a completely new Promotion Engine, allowing users to generate thousands of potential promotional combinations to target a wide variety of new and old customers with relevant offers. The new Promotion Engine delivers enormous power around loyalty shopping, free gifts, upsells and shipping costs.

“In today’s world, there are some emerging and powerfully successful ways to bring targeted traffic to an online store” said Dana Greaves, President and CEO of Vortx from his head office in Oregon. “We are focused on helping our user base to take advantage of that fact – witness our DotFeed platform which submits products to central shopping engines. With the release of MSx 9.3, we are helping our merchants to dramatically increase the likelihood of converting those visitors into buyers. We are introducing a stunning promotions engine into our cart – really leading the market. We are also further extending our mobile commerce – free for all 9.3 users and using exciting technology. Secure payment methods, more interface gems and localization all keep us far ahead of the pack. I’m thrilled with the quality and content of this release.”


OpenERP is Going Social With the Launch of Its New Version 6.1

February 24th, 2012

OpenERP, the open source enterprise management software suite, has announced the release of its new version 6.1, a significant software upgrade meant to help businesses increase their productivity and implement a fully integrated software management in a few clicks.

With 1800 free applications, OpenERP covers most business needs: CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Warehouse Management, Marketing, etc. Around 85 new applications are available in this version, among which the touchscreen point of sale, the kanban views and the enterprise social features are the most significant.

The touchscreen point of sale

OpenERP 6.1 includes a highly intuitive application dedicated to outlets, fully integrated with other OpenERP applications like Inventory management and Accounting. The touchscreen point of sale is a web application that works on any tablet PC or iPad requiring no installation. It also works in disconnected mode with a semi-real time synchronization technology enabling shops to continue operating even if the web connection is down.

The kanban views

This new version also introduces the kanban view, a new way to organize your activities. It’s a visual board on which you can control your activities at a glance and manage them using drag & drop or quick actions. The kanban view has been used in several OpenERP applications: managing agile tasks and the sales funnel, browsing employee directory, following the recruitment process, etc.

As an example, in the CRM application, a salesperson will be able to manage his sales funnel by drag and dropping business opportunities and launching actions on these opportunities in one click: schedule a meeting, log a call, convert to a quotation, etc.

Enterprise social features

OpenERP 6.1 introduces several social features allowing companies to efficiently work together. Amid these features you will find a smart system to share any document with your customers or suppliers (all tasks of a project, specific statistics for your board of directors, your calendar, etc). It also has a synchronization mechanism that allows business flows to be fully integrated between companies. So, if you share a customer invoice with your customer, he can automatically integrate it in his management application as a supplier invoice, without having to re-encode everything.


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