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Port software to combat alien invasion

September 18th, 2014

By focussing on a handful of key ports, invasions of alien species can be fought off internationally, according to a new study.

Conservationists have been striving to ascertain how to combat invasive species at ports for many years, and with computational analysis of the most vulnerable regions, invasions are claimed to be manageable.

The study was carried out by Nitesh Chawla who recently presented it at the Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in New York City.

Chawla claims that he and his colleagues from the University of Notre Dame have pioneered software that can identify which ports are major hubs for the outbreak of aquatic invaders.

Nature World News claims that experts have warned that the new arctic shipping routes created by melting arctic ice could provide a route for troublesome species to hitchhike across the globe on the hulls or in the ballast of large commercial vessels.

Currently, ecologists are struggling to convince international ports to enforce stricter policies to aid in preventing any spread.

However, Chawla argues that only a few key ports need monitoring: “By assuming species-control policies were implemented on the top 20% of the most connected ports, we showed that it would be at least twice as difficult for species to propagate.”


Fresh New Interface Invigorates Protectedpdf® Document DRM Security Software Customers Love It

September 18th, 2014

Ive been playing with the new interface today and have to say I like it. It makes many things much, much easier. Kudos all around. Happy Protectedpdf® Customer

To find out more about all the features now included with Protectedpdf®, click here.

Customers Love Protectedpdfs New Features:

1. Fresh and Faster Interface

A newly designed administrative interface modernizes, simplifies and streamlines the tool making it much more intuitive and useful for Protectedpdf® administrators. It looks awesome.

A new setup wizard, tooltips, and easy-to-understand graphics help customers get up and running with the new interface quickly, and enable users to process a secure document faster. Pro and Enterprise customers are able to access these features with an upgrade.

2. Watermarking Enhancements

Protectedpdf® Pro and Enterprise customers can now have improved watermarking with multiple true (transparent and/or diagonal) watermarks, dynamic (user triggered) watermarks, and watermarks that can span multiple lines (they contain line breaks). These enhancements offer content creators the ability to not only protect documents better with more robust watermarks, but also limit the visual interference a watermark can have on branded documents should it be desired.

3. New Social DRM

All customers now have the option to choose Social DRM, a lightweight DRM solution that simply seals the document with a generic, text-based watermark (transparent and/or diagonal) that needs no passwords or logins to open. This new feature is an answer to many Vitrium customer requests to have robust DRM for some documents, and a totally hassle-free reader experience for other documents.

4. Web Viewer Bookmark Support

The web viewer now displays bookmarks from the original PDF, and shows these bookmarks in the toolbar. Users will be able to use these bookmarks to click to various sections in the document, making it easier to navigate long complex PDF documents.

5. Hardened security

All hosted Standard, Pro and Enterprise customers now have built-in: AES 128-bit encryption, MITM attack prevention, Replay attack prevention, and a more robust locking methodology is used behind the scenes to seal the document. Enterprise customers with installed solutions are able to take advantage of these improvements when they update their Protectedpdf® Enterprise Server.

6. Unlimited Customizable Document Policy Templates

Administrators now can apply custom policy templates at the document level. This makes it much easier for document owners to save common settings as a policy (template) and easily apply them to new documents as they are sealed. Admins can store as many policies as they like and apply them to any applicable document.

Many of the new features have been upgraded automatically for Standard, Pro and hosted Enterprise customers, and some are available as options in an upgrade. Installed Enterprise customers require an update to their Protectedpdf® Enterprise Server.

7. Improved API

With the new release, Vitrium has brought the Protectedpdf® API into alignment with best practices in API development using the RESTful development architecture. Pro and Enterprise customers can have integration up and running in minutes and will notice a simplified, intuitive and clean API interface.

We’re delighted that our customers are reacting so positively to the improvements we’ve made to Protectedpdf®. We’ve worked hard to listen to our customers, and respond with improvements that make our software easier to use and more functional. This upgrade was one of the biggest upgrades to Protectedpdf® that we have made to date, and we’ll continue to evolve and grow so that Protectedpdf® keeps its position as the most hassle-free document protection tool available in the market.


LG G2 Android 4.4.4 KitKat OTA Update Released Today, It Adds VoLTE Support for Verizon Users

September 18th, 2014

Verizon Wireless is currently in the process of rolling out the official Android 4.4.4 KitKat Update for the LG G2 smartphone. This new update will finally prepare your device for the future Advance Calling 1.0 features via VoLTE technology. Make sure to update your phone if you want to get the best KitKat experience to date.

The Verizon LG G2 will now be bumped to Android 4.4.4 KitKat, but there aren’t any other major changes besides the VoLTE support. The update consists mostly of fixes such as: Puerto Rico roaming connectivity tweaks added, autocorrect now works when the question mark symbol is selected, you can remove all cancelled meeting from the calendar, Mobile HotSpot UI prompt to connect is now fixed, assisted dialing fixed for international numbers, and some other small fixes.

Android 4.4.4 KitKat Update for Verizon LG G2 has the software version set to VS98026A and it is currently rolling out in phases. This means that not all Verizon G2 devices will get the firmware update at the same time, but you shouldn’t worry as all phones will 100% receive it by the end of this month. Also, you should know that this update will probably be the final KitKat build released for this G2 model, as Google is planning to launch Android L 5.0 by the end of this fall.

When your LG G2 Verizon notification pull-down menu is displaying the new Android 4.4.4 OTA Update notification you should simply open it, read the changelog and then hit the Download button. After that your smartphone should take care of the rest of the process and install Android 4.4.4 firmware files automatically.

Note that not all devices will display the update notification, which is why you should go to the Software Updates menu and use the ‘manual search’ function yourself. If there are any new KitKat firmware files available for download, then you should simply confirm download and then wait until your phone completes the process. Use the field below and tell us how’s your Verizon LG G2 working with the new OS build and if you’ve spotted any other new features that weren’t listed in the changelog.

UPDATE: We are very sorry, but we got this all wrong. This is just another minor 4.2.2 update and not the 4.4.4 we thought to be. We will definitely be more careful from now on.


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