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PaySpace expands customer payroll, HR software support resources

September 18th, 2014

PaySpace has rapidly expanded the business in recent times by constantly looking at innovative best practices to advance the payroll and HR software service and to meet the considerable demand within the expanding African business environment.

PaySpace CEO Bruce van Wyk says: “Customer service is a cornerstone of our business, and with our rapid expansion into the multinational market, it made sense to make support alternatives available that can be accessed by PaySpace customers anytime, anywhere. With the vast expansion of PaySpace, it is vitally important that the quality of our customer support and available payroll and HR software support channels expand with the business to ensure around-the-clock accessibility regardless of the country in which our users reside. Our aim is to deliver customer support that builds lasting relationships,” says Van Wyk.

One of the key channels employed by PaySpace is social business forums as a supplement to its traditional telephonic and e-mail based payroll and HR software support, along with a knowledge base of how-to articles and an upgraded ticket tracking system, all of which is available beyond business hours, allowing customers 24×7 access, 365 days a year.

“We are empowering our customers with the means to build personal relationships and networks of trust by bringing people together of similar interests or profiles by utilising an online support community. Social business forums is an excellent place for customers to seek and offer solutions to each other’s problems, resulting in quicker resolution times and higher customer satisfaction rates. The availability of a dedicated community forum presents an effective and swift way to enhance and increase customer engagement. We intend to use the social business forums to build and engage a PaySpace community and use it as a platform to answer questions, support problems, crowd-source ideas, suggest articles and post announcements. We live in a day and age where interacting with one another over social platforms is a daily norm, and not just personally but professionally as well, and it is high time that African-based payroll and HR software providers embrace it,” says Van Wyk.

“The PaySpace Customer Support Portal plays an important role in helping customers resolve their issues by themselves, by allowing them the ability to get answers to questions without needing to log a call; instead customers can now query our comprehensive collection of how-to articles, but should they get stuck they are able to log support requests right then and there, directly on the customer support portal, in addition to telephonic and e-mail support, and track the status of their requests in real-time, regardless of the method of initiation. The upgraded ticket tracking system offers much needed visibility of our payroll and HR software support process to our customers,” adds Van Wyk.

Currently, PaySpace is offering full payroll and HR software services in 37 African countries and has also implemented PaySpace HR and ESS functionality in a further 10 countries located in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.


Payroll Subscription Software Offering Helps Small Businesses

September 10th, 2013

With payroll subscription, users pay a low monthly fee and don’t incur the usual initial investment costs they would when normally purchasing an automated desktop payroll solution. Sage Pastel Payroll & HR general manager, Laurica Kok, says that in a difficult economy this is a lucrative option in the form of a low monthly payment plan.

Regular statutory and legislative changes in the payroll and HR industry make it challenging for businesses to comply with the 6 major Payroll Acts. Companies can simply not afford to process their payroll by making use of a manual system or formulae driven worksheets. Manual and worksheet payroll processing can result in incorrect calculations and deductions, meaning companies can potentially face SARS penalties.

Staying abreast of regular legislative updates can be a daunting task for any business. Subscription payroll enables companies to make use of automated payroll software to confirm that payslip calculations are accurate first time round, every time.

One of the benefits of an automated payroll solution is that many vendors offer telephonic and email support services as part of their payroll offering.

With subscription, the payroll desktop solution provides users with the best of both worlds (desktop and online), by making use of frictionless automated update technology. Frictionless updates enable traditional desktop applications to seamlessly update over the internet with minimal intervention from the end-user.

Businesses no longer need to download and install updates from a website or use CD versions to manually update their software. The software now does it all for them, directly from their payroll software – as long as businesses have an active internet connection.

Another component of frictionless updates is RSS Feeds directly to the desktop payroll system. This allows your business to receive information, notifying you of legislative and tax changes as well as new system software releases so that your business can stay on the right side of the law.

Another benefit of opting for an automated software solution is that your business can experience hassle-free SARS submissions. A payroll file can be imported directly into SARS eFiling, for accurate PAYE, UIF and SDL reconciliations.

With payroll subscription, businesses can afford to automate their payroll and HR administrative tasks.


Asure Software Offers Year-end Planning Tips for Human Resources and Payroll Professionals

September 4th, 2013

In honor of National Payroll Week, Sept. 2-6, 2013, Asure Software, Inc. (NAS: ASUR) , a leading provider of workplace management software solutions, offers tips for human resources and payroll professionals to ensure that 2013 wraps up smoothly and that the new year – with any new regulations, initiatives, etc. that it may bring – launches with ease for their organizations.

“For those of us who are fortunate to collect a paycheck, we may not give much thought as to how that paycheck gets processed,” said Steven Rodriguez, Asure Software Chief Operating Officer. “In honor of National Payroll Week, Asure Software would like to recognize all of those payroll professionals who go unrecognized for making that important process happen.”

Year-end/year-begin is a known challenge that presents itself each year for human resources and payroll. Preparation and organization are critical strategies to meet the typical challenges and address any new challenges that may arise. Communication is key to success, providing the education and important news and developments needed by management and staff to properly negotiate these challenges. Asure offers the following tips for planning:

1. Start Now: Preparation is critical – the time to start year-end/year-begin planning is NOW.

2. Get Organized: Organize the elements that your organization needs to address to wrap up this year and begin next year. Create and communicate a master calendar of year-end activities; ensure requisite employee training is offered and completed; reduce year-end/year-begin issues by continual reconciliation and error correction throughout the year.

3. Communicate, communicate and communicate: The more your employees are aware of what’s ahead, the better positioned you will be for the transition into the new calendar year. Make sure all your associates who will be involved in executing, supporting and assisting in year-end/year-begin initiatives know what will be happening and when.

4. Publish a calendar: Create and publish a master planning calendar that shows key tasks, duration, critical milestones, task ownership, and contact information. This will aid the communication process.

5. Develop your checklist: In connection with the calendar, make sure you have developed and published a task checklist well in advance of year-end. As a starting point, include the following (Source: Steven M. Bragg, Payroll Best Practices, John Wiley & Sons, 2005):

Year-End Tasks

Report the amount of employee income associated with group term life insurance exceeding $50,000.
Withhold for and report on taxable fringe benefits.
Withhold for and report on third-party sick pay.
Verify that all manual paychecks cut during the year have been included in the payroll database.
See if full-year pension plan deductions exceeded the allowable limit.
Schedule a year-end bonus payroll.
Create W-2 forms.
Review holiday schedule for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, and Presidents’ Day. Enter holiday hours where applicable.
Year-Begin Tasks

Verify the amount of unemployment tax rates and associated wage limits.
Determine whether a voluntary unemployment contribution should be made to reduce the upcoming unemployment tax rate for the new year.
Notify employees to review their W-4 forms.
Update employee withholdings based on revised W-4 forms.
Notify employees of unused flexible spending account deductions.
Verify the need for special income or deduction accumulators.
Verify the amount of standard employee deductions for the new year.
Reset pension plan deduction levels for the new year.
Purge terminated employees from the payroll database.
Verify that upcoming payroll processing dates do not fall on a weekend.
Issue a schedule of payroll processing dates for the new year to employees.
Review your document retention schedule.
6. Get educated: Proper year-end/year-begin readiness also means utilizing available resources. Commit to year-long education and training, especially the many quality webinars and classes that focus specifically on achieving successful year-end processing. A key item to be aware of is the Affordable Care Act, which redefines a “full-time” employee as someone averaging at least 30 hours of service per week.

7. Improve year-end through year-round engagement: One of the best ways to make year-end/year-begin more efficient and productive is to implement a year-round engagement philosophy. Cross-train affected employees throughout the year to gain better coverage and more resources for year-end. Continually monitor compliance changes and take proactive action to ensure the accuracy of W-2s.


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