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Just like Mozilla and Google, Opera Software introduces network installers

January 10th, 2014

Back in the good old days of computing, installers always came with all the files that needed to be installed. Well, unless there were dependencies, as you may had to install those separately. If you were lucky, they were linked or included, but more often than not, it meant to go hunting for distributions and programs that you needed to install on top of that.

A recent trend are network installers. Mozilla introduced stubs installers for Firefox some time ago for example. They do offer advantages over conventional installers.

If you install a program using a network installer, you can be sure that the latest version will be installed. With regular installers, the version that you downloaded will be installed, which may not be the latest version available, depending on when you ran the installer on your system.

According to companies, it may also reduce the number of network and download errors that some users experience. Since most network installers come with options to resume downloads, it is less likely that downloads will be corrupt.

Opera Software announced today that it has created a network installer for the Developer version of Opera. In case you do not know, the Developer version is the cutting edge version of the “new” Opera web browser.

New features are made publicly available in it first, before they land in Opera Next and Stable eventually. So, what this means is that Opera Next and Stable will receive the network installer as well, but not right now.

The core issue with the installer is that an Internet connection is required to download it. While that should not be a problem most of the time — you are installing an Internet browser — some users may prefer to download offline installers instead.

Opera Software will continue to provide offline installers as well for the Opera browser. It is likely that the company will handle this similarly to how Mozilla is handling downloads of the browser.

The network installer will be offered on the front page, while offline installers are available to users who actively seek for them.


Opera TV Store lands on select Samsung Blu-ray Disc players and brings hundreds of TV apps to millions of viewers

January 2nd, 2014

Kicking off in 2014, owners of select Samsung Blu-ray Disc players will be able to unlock a wealth of exciting apps specially built for TV screens. Opera Software today announced that apps from the Opera TV Store will be available for download on Samsung’s Blu-ray Disc players, providing viewers with more choices of online and streaming entertainment for their TV screens and giving app and content owners a huge new audience.

Samsung Blu-ray player users provide a great new reach for brands and online video content publishers through the Opera TV Store. Content owners can easily transform their video and audio offerings into HTML5 apps for the Opera TV Store with Opera TV Snap, launched in July 2013 with its first video-sharing site partner, Dailymotion. Official users can turn their Dailymotion channel into a Opera TV Store app simply by clicking on the “create a TV app” button. It takes less than a minute and the service is free of charge – making it one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach Blu-ray player users.

From video, music and games to social media, news, sports and science, the Opera TV Store delivers hundreds of HTML5-based apps optimized for connected devices. Users can watch their favorite online HD video content on the biggest screen in the home, enjoying a comfortable lean-back experience and getting the best out of the web on their TVs.

“The Opera TV Store unleashes the full potential of online video content, the most popular consumption category on Blu-ray players and various other media player devices,” says Aneesh Rajaram, SVP for TV & Devices, Opera Software. “With Samsung’s Blu-ray player on board, we significantly increase the reach we bring to our content partners and brands that are looking to engage with millions of consumers, while also providing those consumers with the best and widest choice in web content.”

The Opera TV Store is available on Samsung Blu-ray player Series 5 and Samsung Home Theater System Series 5, as well as some of Samsung’s Series 4 models.

To reach millions of consumers on Samsung Blu-ray Disc players and other OEM partners of Opera TV Store, web developers and content publishers can easily develop apps for the Opera TV Store through Opera TV Snap or Opera TV Store templates. For more information, click here.

The Opera ecosystem is more than just the Opera TV Store, with the Opera Devices SDK and Opera browser powering the web on tens of millions of devices, including Sony, Philips, TCL, Humax, Sharp, Hisense, Vestel, TiVo and Altech devices.


Norway’s Opera Software raises guidance after Q2 beats forecasts

August 16th, 2013

Norwegian mobile browser maker Opera Software reported second quarter earnings ahead of expectations on Friday and raised its full year guidance.

Its operating profit rose 38 percent to $15.2 million, beating analyst forecasts for $13.7 million.

The company raised its full year guidance on the back of the strong results and expects full-year operating profit at $58-64 million, above a previous guidance for $52-62 million.


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