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Patent to Be Expanded for Mobile Apps, Software

June 20th, 2014

rom now on, mobile applications and computer software technologies can be officially protected by patent.

The Korean Intellectual Property Office announced on June 18 that it has revised patent standards and will begin granting patents for “Computer Program” claims. A claim is the extent of the protection conferred by a patent, or the protection sought in a patent application.

Up until now, the office had classified a software program as a recording medium, for the reasons that it is not clear whether software is an invention or a mechanism. Now, the revision will mandate new software to be applied as a computer program.

Such latest amendments aim to embrace petitions from the software industry which has demanded cutting down of perfunctory prerequisites for patent applications regarding the technology to relieve the developers of inconveniences and thereby protect by patents more diverse types of software technology. Previously, over 600 cases have been filed every year, of which new computer programs such as mobile applications could not be secured as they were not included in the list of patent-protected subjects.

An official at the intellectual property office said, “The industry have been quickly steering toward software-centered, but our patent system have not kept up with the trend. The latest revision will open up the ways for domestic software companies to be protected of their innovations and secure competitive power in the international market.”


From New Features to Extensive Compatibility: StealthGenie Revolutionizes Mobile Monitoring in Global Perspective

April 14th, 2014

Leading mobile tracking application makers, StealthGenie, takes a level up in mobile monitoring by introducing a pair of new features, extended language support and iOS 7 compatibility for its valued clientele. We talk to Team StealthGenie about new features and the feedback from the users.

One of the prominent mobile monitoring software, StealthGenie, has once again outrun other monitoring software with Facebook and BBM chat monitoring features for its iOS and Android platforms.

“StealthGenie is the only mobile monitoring software to offer tracking features for all the widely-used IMs.”

Bypassing the 100,000 user-milestone, StealthGenie has positively kept the interest level of its clients intact by reaching out to diverse markets. With Korean as the latest addition to the list, StealthGenie has localized versions of the website, installation instructions and control panel in English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Turkish.

With Facebook Messenger getting increasingly popular among the youth and BBM’s release on Android and iOS platforms, StealthGenie has quickly responded to monitor these messenger applications to cater to the needs of parents and employers.

“Our WhatsApp and Viber monitoring features have been a massive hit and it was high time to take it to the next level. StealthGenie is the only mobile monitoring software to offer tracking features for all the widely-used IMs.” remarked Amanda Wade, the Head of Marketing at the company when we asked about the new features and their market share.

StealthGenie also stands first in extending compatibility with iPhones and iPads up to the latest Version – iOS 7, another achievement which makes it noticeable among the other software in tail. For those who want to monitor iOS devices, StealthGenie makes more sense as it is compatible with all iPhones and iPads.

With effective compatibility, multi-lingual support and rolling out of new features frequently, StealthGenie certainly is leading the mobile monitoring industry by miles. With innovative features coming up so frequently, we are quite anxious to know what comes up next from StealthGenie.


BlackBerry plans Heartbleed patches as mobile threat scrutinized

April 14th, 2014

BlackBerry Ltd (BB.TO) said it plans to release security updates for messaging software for Android and iOS devices by Friday to address vulnerabilities in programs related to the “Heartbleed” security threat.

Researchers last week warned they uncovered Heartbleed, a bug that targets the OpenSSL software commonly used to keep data secure, potentially allowing hackers to steal massive troves of information without leaving a trace.

Security experts initially told companies to focus on securing vulnerable websites, but have since warned about threats to technology used in data centers and on mobile devices running Google Inc’s (GOOG.O) Android software and Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) iOS software.

Scott Totzke, BlackBerry senior vice president, told Reuters on Sunday that while the bulk of BlackBerry products do not use the vulnerable software, the company does need to update two widely used products: Secure Work Space corporate email and BBM messaging program for Android and iOS.

He said they are vulnerable to attacks by hackers if they gain access to those apps through either WiFi connections or carrier networks.

Still, he said, “The level of risk here is extremely small,” because BlackBerry’s security technology would make it difficult for a hacker to succeed in gaining data through an attack.

“It’s a very complex attack that has to be timed in a very small window,” he said, adding that it was safe to continue using those apps before an update is issued.

Google spokesman Christopher Katsaros declined comment. Officials with Apple could not be reached.

Security experts say that other mobile apps are also likely vulnerable because they use OpenSSL code.

Michael Shaulov, chief executive of Lacoon Mobile Security, said he suspects that apps that compete with BlackBerry in an area known as mobile device management are also susceptible to attack because they, too, typically use OpenSSL code.

He said mobile app developers have time to figure out which products are vulnerable and fix them.

“It will take the hackers a couple of weeks or even a month to move from ‘proof of concept’ to being able to exploit devices,” said Shaulov.

Technology firms and the U.S. government are taking the threat extremely seriously. Federal officials warned banks and other businesses on Friday to be on alert for hackers seeking to steal data exposed by the Heartbleed bug.

Companies including Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO.O), Hewlett-Packard Co (HPQ.N), International Business Machines Corp (IBM.N), Intel Corp (INTC.O), Juniper Networks Inc JNPR.O, Oracle Corp ORCL.O Red Hat Inc (RHT.N) have warned customers they may be at risk. Some updates are out, while others, like BlackBerry, are rushing to get them ready.

While there have been no public reports of successful attacks involving the Heartbleed vulnerability, researchers say that it has been around for several years. That means that hackers could have successfully been using it without being caught since attacks do not leave any traces.


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