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The Triana Group Reports Second International Deal in Software This Month

April 3rd, 2012

A leading international corporate and business development service provider, announces the successful conclusion of a year-long effort to identify the best North American partner for Qualiac, a leading European-based provider of Enterprise Resource Planning software with over 50,000 users across 500 installed sites internationally. The partner, California-based Synoptek, serves prominent clients as Pacific Life, Oakley, Allergan, HP and more than 400 hundred others throughout the Western United States with more than 70 employees.

This is one of the two most significant international software deals this quarter facilitated by Triana. On March 7, Italy’s Engineering Group, a Top-10 IT firm in Europe, announced a partnership with New York-based The Triana Group to anchor the US roll-out of its open source business intelligence platform, SpagoBI.

This uptick in international partnerships reflects a clear trend in the market, where companies are looking to be efficient in their expansion strategy. “Partnerships are often the preferred route to expand in new markets: our role is to help find the dots, and connect them”, says Jabril Bensedrine, Managing Director at The Triana Group. “Our collaboration with Triana has already helped SpagoBI generate strong interest from users and integrators, and will allow us to promptly react to the growing demand” in the United States, says Gabriele Ruffatti, SpagoWorld initiative founder and Director at Engineering Group. “It is easier to reach large accounts by using local partners who already have a reputation and a local establishment”, said Francis Collignon, Director of International Development at Qualiac, in a March 5, 2012 company press release announcing the agreement. “Triana enabled us to come together from a business and cultural perspective to develop a common strategy. This has created a foundation to achieve significant results in the US market over the next 2-3 years,” explains Tim Britt, CEO of Synoptek.


GK Software to work for an international fashion retailer

December 29th, 2011

An important international fashion retailer has engaged the services of GK SOFTWARE AG to equip its stores in more than two dozen countries.

The project will involve introducing new store software and central control solutions for more than 700 stores of the company. One of the major focuses of the project is the close integration of the store solutions within the central software provided by SAP.

The Management Board at GK SOFTWARE is not expecting the project to trigger any significant effects on sales in fiscal 2011 and is therefore continuing to stand by its current forecast for the ongoing business year.

Over the past 20 years GK SOFTWARE AG has become the leading store solution provider to Europe’s largest retailers with stores around the globe. Currently in over 30 countries, we continue to expand along with our customers throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.


CompanionCabinet Software Goes International

November 3rd, 2011

Last week marked another milestone for CompanionCabinet Software as they decided to expand their reach internationally. After receiving a high level of interest from their north of the border neighbors, CompanionCabinet Software made Aurora, their kitchen cabinet software solution, available to Canadian kitchen and bath dealers. You can request a 30 minute demonstration of Aurora if you’d like to find out how web-based software can make selling kitchens easy.

The transition to a web-based software solution in 2010 allowed CompanionCabinet to rapidly sign on new kitchen and bath dealers since the software can be learned by dealers in just a few hours. This allows cabinet dealers to quickly and easily streamline all aspects of their operation including marketing, sales, quoting, ordering and scheduling.

“When we first came up with the vision of Aurora, one key component was the ability to expand internationally. The web-based infrastructure makes setup and training a breeze and dealers can quote, order and schedule entire kitchen jobs within hours of learning Aurora software,” said Brent Jackson, President of CompanionCabinet Software. “Canada is a natural expansion opportunity for us.”

Aurora software includes tools for lead generation, quoting, ordering, scheduling, design & accounting software integration, marketing & sales analysis and more.

“The kitchen and bath industry is extremely complicated and even the idea of dealers making changes to their operation can feel overwhelming. We’re excited to be able to show our Canadian neighbors how incredibly easy it is to sell more kitchens and become more efficient by using Aurora in their operations,” said Jackson.


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