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India can be $100 bn software product industry by 2025

February 5th, 2014

The country has potential to build $100 billion software product industry by 2025, think-tank- Indian Software Products Industry Roundtable (iSPIRT) said today.

“iSPIRT estimates that the country has the potential to build $ 100 billion software product industry by 2025, contributing significantly to the nation’s current account,” officials of the think tank said.

“While the existing framework of sector’s revenue contribution does not concur to this estimate, all that is required to make this happen is some resolute and purposeful action by two major stakeholders: industry and government,” they added.

iSPIRT today released its first ‘Product Industry Monitor Report’ that mainly focused on industry demographics, founder profile, talent management and financing aspects of India’s product industry.

Highlighting the key findings of the report, Fellow at iSPIRT Foundation Srivardhini K Jha said, “Over 50 per cent of software product companies are completely self funded or bootstrapped.”

She said another key finding is that lot of senior talent from MNCs is starting software talent companies – close to 40 per cent of founders come from MNCs.

Stating that according to the report Indian software product startups are experiencing ‘talent starvation’ at the entry level, she said, “report also mentions that 78 per cent of Indian software product startups defy the universal logic of having founders with diverse skills, and instead have homogenous founding partners.”

Jha also noted that three most common product sectors that companies work in are Enterprise, SaaS and Consumer.


Altitude Software Powers Growth in Leading Online Insurance Aggregator in India

August 9th, 2013

Altitude Software, a leader in unified customer interaction solutions, announces today that one of India’s leading online insurance aggregators, deployed the Altitude uCI solution in its contact center, with very positive results at a time of strong business growth.

The company has already established itself as one of India’s prominent online life insurance and general insurance aggregator. Its unique comparative system boosts its credibility, as it empowers customers with accurate comparative information on insurance products, and access to technology backed, solution driven, customer service.

Easy integration with CRM solution was a critical requirement
The company was looking for a customer interaction management solution that would easily integrate with its communications platform and its CRM solution. The solution should make possible to track the customer, unify its information and enable automatic follow-up calls. Other critical requirements was the ability to do intelligent routing of inbound calls and integrate the call with CRM information in the agent desktop.

“Altitude uCI allowed for a fast and complete integration with the customer CRM solution, blended inbound and outbound communications, provided complete tracking and a powerful outbound dialing solution to follow-up leads. Additionally the solution allows the customer to grow the business because it is flexible and comprehensive” remarked Mr. DJ Dutta, Country Head for India at Altitude Software.

Major change in India’s insurance markets
India is experiencing major changes in its insurance markets as insurers operate in an increasingly deregulated and liberalized environment. “In the first 18 months of operation the customer experienced very high business growth and reached 600 seats in the contact center. The decision to use Altitude uCI helped it to expand without any hassles, while providing a unified desktop with tight integration with the CRM software. The in-house team handled the integration themselves using Altitude APIs with the technical support from Altitude’s India team”, stated Mr. Dutta

The company now uses Altitude uCI solutions for sales and customer service in the contact center. The majority of leads are generated by people looking for insurance or loans on major internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Prospects can call or request a quote online. After submitting a quote request, the consumer receives a call and his interest in that particular insurance product is understood, before being shared with insurers and other financial services companies. In the follow-up process, the Altitude dialer increases productivity and effectiveness as the call is dispatched automatically and the agent has all the contact details on screen, significantly improving the chances of a sale.

Altitude Software in India since 2007
Altitude Software has a direct presence in India since early 2007, following-up on distribution partnerships with companies such as Wipro; Orange Business Services; FutureCalls Technology and AGC Networks. These partners sell, install, and provide first level support to Altitude solutions. In India, Altitude Software has customers such as Sitel, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Club Mahindra, Hero BPO, IBM Daksh, Cleartrip, Sterling, and Caliber Point, and is adding fast to a growing customer base.

Altitude Software delivers worldwide a robust, modular solution that handles all customer interactions and unifies all touch points throughout the organization in an open, platform-independent solution, based on standards. With 15 offices in four continents and a strong partner network, Altitude Software leverages existing technology investments, adding value without disruption across a wide range of situations with low total cost of ownership.


To monitor data, India may ask firms for VoIP software

August 8th, 2013

India is likely to follow the footsteps of the Chinese government to keep tabs on the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service providers.

The Intelligence Bureau of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has recently suggested the internet service providers (ISPs) offering or planning to offer VoIP in India provide Indianised versions of the software, just as in China.

The move is likely to affect popular services such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and Fring.

This, the MHA believes, would help the government to monitor or intercept such services that can’t be monitored at present. To create pressure on the VoIP service providers, the MHA has asked the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to block all VoIP services that cannot be monitored or intercepted in audible or viewable format.

DoT may be asked to stop services that can’t be tracked
Companies that offer VoIP services in India
Yahoo Messenger
VoIP Discount
Asterix PBX
Source: MHA communication
While the MHA noted immediate implementation would be difficult, it has asked DoT to modify the licence terms making it mandatory for all the VoIP service providers to offer services in audible or viewable format.

Until this can be implemented, the DoT might look at blocking unsolicited sites with an “authentication failed” message and these sites could be blocked at domain name system (DNS) of ISPs with DNS filters, added the MHA. The MHA noted as services like Skype function using unused or available computer resources of users, large “honey pot” servers could be installed to enable maximum data flow through these. This would enable the study of its technical and statistical information. A honey pot is used as a trap to detect and deflect unauthorised use of information systems.

Social sites
The Intelligence Bureau has suggested all social service sites such as Facebook must obtain licence from DoT to operate with binding conditions. According to an analyst, the government needs to monitor such services as most are likely to go for VoIP once the government allows it.


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