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Zimbra Launches Freemium Version of Its Community Software to Appeal to Small Businesses

March 26th, 2014

Zimbra, creator of collaborative and social software for businesses, has announced that its new Zimbra Community 8.0 will include a freemium version. It will be free for businesses and organizations up to 50 users.
Zinbra’s software is already used by about 3,000 companies worldwide, the company says. Those companies include names like Mozilla and Vodafone. The free version of the software is available to any small business that wants it. But the company is also promoting a 60 day free trial of the paid Standard and Professional editions. The hope is that the free version will entice businesses to start using Zimbra. These companies might then eventually upgrade to one of the paid versions.

The free version includes blogging, forums, Wikis, events sections, polls, file galleries, messaging services, chat, public and private groups, drag and drop page design tools, social media tools and email integration among other features.

But it doesn’t include premium features like custom reports and dashboards.

You can check the Zimbra website to learn more about the differences between the new feemium version of Zimbra and the software’s paid versions.

Businesses where many employees telecommute, or perhaps live in various countries — or half way around the world — might use Zimbra’s freemium or paid services to tie their team together. The software lets a team be in constant contact even over great distances. It also may make it easier for the team to work together, enabling your staff to communicate quickly and easily without lengthy meetings. The company also says the software will keep track of projects, keep up with company news, and much more.

The package, when downloaded, runs on Zimbra’s servers in the cloud. The company assures customers Zimbra will be free of downtime. And you can keep sensitive business information on your Zimbra community. The company claims its security makes customer information on its servers safe.


Thriving US software firm opens in Reading

February 7th, 2014

Last year, the US-headquartered business opened a small office in London to provide local sales and support for its expanding list of European customers.

The new Reading office location is Act-On’s second overseas establishment, which the company said would provide it with greater access to customers and partners and closer proximity to the UK tech community.

Over the next year, Act-On plans to add more employees in the Reading office, placing an emphasis on sales, marketing and client support roles.

“Act-On is committed to making its customers better, more agile marketers. This new UK office enables us to provide customers and partners with local personnel and resources dedicated to addressing the unique needs of marketers in the UK and across Europe,” said Shawn Naggiar, chief revenue officer of Act-On Software.


Excellon Software Powers Business Transformation at Mahindra Two Wheelers

January 10th, 2014

Excellon Software, a renowned cloud-based software product company, has announced the successful completion of its Excellon Dealer Management Software (DMS) implementation for Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd (MTWL). Excellon Software has implemented the DMS for MTWL, which has a nationwide network of over 500 sales and service locations, enabling the transformation of MTWL’s business in a span of one year.

How Excellon DMS helped MTWL

MTWL had embarked on a journey of transformation and was looking to turnaround its business, grow revenues, and establish stronger ties with its customers in a short time. A forward thinking company, MTWL believed that state-of-the-art IT infrastructure would be a strategic lever and enable it to achieve its objectives effectively.

In this context, MTWL decided to automate its manual dealership network system. Its chief expectations from the solution were relevant and real-time customer insights and better visibility into its sales and distribution network, to enhance the quality of decision making. After weighing numerous options, the company zeroed in on Excellon for a solution that would be sustainable for future IT transformation. Excellon had shown strategic technology leadership with cloud and mobility, and a large team of experienced professionals provided the expertise relevant to MTWL’s business. Moreover, the cloud-based solution promised quick deployment to realize benefits speedily, as well as lower capital investment for MTWL.

Other factors that persuaded MTWL to select Excellon DMS 5.0 included scalability, the capability to process high volumes of data without impacting performance, and a tight integration between MTWL’s core SAP ERP system and Excellon’s cloud-based DMS, with a seamless master data and transaction data flow across diverse systems and business units.

Mahindra and Excellon quickly formed a close partnership with a single team approach that helped in the speedy customization, integration, and deployment of the Excellon DMS, with the first 50 dealers going live in a record time of five months. The deployment across most of the network was completed in 12 months against the several years typically taken by other solution providers in the automotive industry.

The engagement is an unqualified testimony to Excellon’s ability to handle complex business transformation challenges across a wide geographical area with fast deployment times. Excellon’s clear grasp of the business context, combined with the superiority of the solution ensured success for MTWL in business-critical areas.

Mr. Dharmendra Mishra, VP Sales & Customer Care at MTWL said “We are proud to say that we have partnered with an end-to-end solutions provider in Excellon Software, who substantiates our trust with complete backing on applications, rollout, integration and support.

“The Excellon solution has helped MTWL realize its strategic vision with several benefits including better visibility into its sales & distribution network, and enabling it to effectively connect with the customers and respond quickly to their needs. The implementation also benefits our dealers in all the areas including customer connect, communication, stock management, warranty & claims, and elimination of manual processes in various areas.

“Finally, the Excellon DMS 5.0 solution has helped MTWL’s journey of transformation, and enabled the launch of new models successfully in the market by aligning enquiries, bookings, shipments, dealers and customer feedback seamlessly, leading to enhanced revenues. Thanks to these improvements, MTWL’s efficiencies increased, resulting in significant cost savings post installation.”

Mr. Ashok Asawale, MTWL CIO & VP Corporate IT added “Excellon solution and delivery certainly exceeded our expectations we had from a partner on this business transformation journey.”


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