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DND Looking For New Software For Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre At Shirley’s Bay, Ottawa

June 9th, 2014

The Department of National Defence has a requirement for a contractor to provide professional services in the domain of systems integration towards the fulfillment of a small capital project titled COHO, according to the government’s project contract site.

More from the posting:

The COHO project aims to provide software solutions to the Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre (CFEWC), located at Shirley’s Bay, Ottawa, which is a unit of the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group, under the Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management).

The purpose of this project is to provide systems integration, system design, software design and software development services with the ultimate objective of developing application-specific software for the CFEWC. The work to be performed under this project will assist CFEWC in enhancing electronic warfare capabilities for the Canadian Armed Forces.


Computer Guidance Corporation’s Human Resources Self Service Application Wins Customer Approval

June 5th, 2014

Computer Guidance Corporation, part of the Explorer Software Group of companies, the leading developer of financial and project management software solutions for architecture, engineering and construction companies, today announced the general availability of its Human Resources Self Service application after receiving customer endorsement from Northern Electric, Inc.

With the launch of the Human Resources Self Service application, Computer Guidance customers have the ability to provide their employees with secure and ubiquitous access to personalized employee information including pay stubs, W2s/T4s and other tools and services designed to reduce manual and paper-intensive business processes while reducing the strain on HR departments. Employees will now be able to view and manage their employee profile, view compensation, health and vacation benefit information while receiving continuous corporate updates and company communications regardless of their location and work hours.

“Computer Guidance’s Human Resources Self Service application has brought tremendous efficiencies to our HR department and has centralized bi-directional corporate communication with our employees,” said Mark Guth, Northern Electric. “Its deployment to our employees nationwide went smoothly and has been well received.”

“We took special care in ensuring that our Human Resources Self Service application was incredibly intuitive, customer customizable and easily deployable to thousands of employees within minutes, said Michael Bihlmeier, President, Computer Guidance Corporation. “The rapid ROI it offers combined with its beauty, rich functionality and attractive price point will undoubtedly make it the industry’s top selling application this year.”


Adoption criteria for mobile enterprise application software

May 26th, 2014

IDC recently completed a comprehensive U.S.-based survey of over 400 organizations that focused on their adoption of mobile enterprise application software adoption.

According to the survey, adoption of mobile applications within businesses is helping to improve customer experience and increase employee productivity. Businesses are achieving these benefits by using mobility to provide customers and employees with information access, context, and the ability to act.

Most of the survey respondents have deployed two or more mobile enterprise applications, and the survey indicates that adoption will double within these organizations for almost every category of mobile enterprise application in the next year.

According to the survey, more than half of mobile application software decisions are made via a joint effort between the Line of Business (LoB) and IT. However, in most cases, the primary budget holder is IT. This means that while the perspectives of LoB are important in evaluating mobile enterprise applications, in many organizations it is the IT budget holders that have the final say.

Fortunately, IT and LoB are aligned when it comes to evaluation criteria. The attached pdf shows a summary of this data. When asked to select the most important factor used to evaluate whether to adopt a mobile enterprise application, the top three factors for both LoB and IT were Application Performance, Security, and Interoperability with IT systems.

Outside of the top three, LoB ranked “ease of use” higher relative to IT, and “reputation of the provider” was more than twice as important to LoB versus their IT counterparts. Not too surprisingly, mobile application architecture is twice as important to IT than LoB, but the percentage of IT indicating that this was their primary criteria is still low relative to the other categories.

While many of the discussions around mobility focus on architecture, the surveys tells us that architecture in and of itself is not what is important. Instead it is the ways in which architecture helps guarantee levels of performance and security, and ease of interoperability, that resonates both with LoB and IT.


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