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‘Pharmalive’ new software application for pharmacies, distributors unveiled

April 18th, 2014

‘Pharmalive’ a software application meant for pharmacies, drug distributors and pharmaceutical sales executives is unveiled in Hyderabad. This new application is mainly focused at easing the procedure of supply of medicines from distributor to the pharmacy outlets.

The new application which is launched by Sreeya Infotech software solutions in Hyderabad is designed to simplify the tedious task of checking inventory at pharma stores and drug distributor stocks for essential drugs and based on the information, the application enables the pharma store keeper or the drug distributor to put the order immediately and avail the required medical stocks in just few minutes of time.

According to Sreedhar, managing director, Sreeya Infotech Software Solutions, the new application is mainly designed to speed up the supply of medicinal drugs from drug distributors to the pharmacy outlets, which otherwise usually takes at least 2-3 days of time for the shopkeeper to find the exhaust stocks and put the orders for the purchase of the medicines with a sales executive and get confirmation from the distributors. Similarly at the distributor side, it is very tedious task to keep the regular account of a particular pharmacy and its orders. Keeping all this into view, Sreeya Infotech has designed the new and innovative solution called Pharmalive, using which traders can ease the procedures of distribution and supply of medicines.

This unique solution enables the pharmacy, the sales executive and the drug distributor to check their inventory for availability of required medicines within just few minutes and put the order for the purchase instantly. Similarly, the distributor who uses this application will also instantly know whether a particular medicine stock is available or not and immediately sends and SMS to that particular pharmacy about the availability and confirms the transaction immediately.

“Using this Pharmalive application, a sales executive who has a tablet PC with Pharmalive application can not only instantly put an order by checking the stocks with the retail outlet, but can also update the photograph of the owner of retailer and even take digital signature for confirmation. Based on the order, the distributor too can instantly send a sms to the retailer and confirm the order,” says the managing director while explaining about the Pharmalive application.

Using this new Pharmalive application, the pharmacy outlets not only saves time, but also keeps their inventory information updated regularly. “We generally take at least two hours of time every day checking out the availability of our medical stocks. With this application, we will save lot of time and it also speeds up the supply of medicines from distributors to retailers, with instant online orders,” opined a pharmacist at Balaji Medical shop at Santoshnagar in Hyderabad.


A software application to aid farmers

April 17th, 2014

It is easy to think of applications for visually challenged people in the context of “text-to-speech” software (TTS), but now there is an application which uses TTS to help out farmers. The Sandesh Pathak application, developed jointly by C-DAC Mumbai, IIT-Madras, IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Kharagpur, and C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram will enable SMS messages to be read out loud, for the benefit of farmers who may have difficulty in reading.

“It is usable by people who cannot read. A large population of farmers belongs to this category. So when they receive an SMS message either containing agriculture-related advice or some other thing, this app will read aloud the content,” says Pranaw Kumar, Senior Technical Officer, C-DAC, Mumbai who has been involved in developing this software.

The app which is available for download from the Appstore of the Mobile Seva Project of government of India, is an Indian language SMS Reader. It takes the received SMS message as input and reads it out aloud. It supports five Indian languages — Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarathi and Telugu. It also has options to select the language and speed of the voice as normal, slow, slower, fast and faster.

It uses the text-to-speech synthesis systems developed by the Indian Language TTS Consortium. To make it especially useful for farmers, “the TTS engines of all these languages have been tested on the agriculture domain-related texts and fine-tuned accordingly,” he says.

The app is part of the project launched by the Indian Government to help farmers read messages which may be of the following types: advice to solve farming problems — insect, disease, fertilizer or weed management; information on weather — such as forecasts; and updates on latest technology — for improving yield and much more.

It is also possible that the text message may contain words in different languages, for example botanical names of plants or fertiliser names. Would the software be able to tackle this?

Pranaw Kumar says, “If the names have been transliterated in the language of the text it is possible for the app to read it out, but currently it is not equipped to read out messages which are bilingual. However, efforts are on to improve it to a version which has bilingual capacity.”

In Phase two, where the plan is to include more languages, more institutes have been roped in — IIT Guwahati, IIT Mandi, SSN College Chennai, DA-IICT Ahmedabad, University of Guwahati and IISc, Bangalore. Work is on to make the app bilingual and to develop it in 13 languages, including Malayalam, Kannada, Rajasthani, Assamese, Manipuri, Odia and Bodo and also 13 flavours of English (with regional accents).

These Indian Language TTS systems have been developed under the Indian Language TTS Consortium which is led by IIT-Madras, under the leadership of Prof. Hema Murthy. C-DAC Mumbai is also a member of this collaboration.


Athena Software Releases New Collaboration Suite For Penelope Case Management Application

January 29th, 2014

For human services organizations using Athena Software’s Penelope case management application, internal collaboration just got a little bit simpler.

The Waterloo, Ont. company’s new Collaboration Suite feature-set is designed to provide better client outcomes, more efficient service delivery and a more streamlined experience for users of its Penelope software.

Officially released in January 2014, the Collaboration Suite’s powerful new tools will allow Penelope’s estimated 10,000-plus users worldwide to integrate service delivery with the smart communication and workflow tools they need to provide efficient service and stay connected to clients and to each other.

The Collaboration Suite places each Penelope user at the command of their own role-specific communications centre. Its sleek design is highlighted by an always-available, one-click layer that can be opened or closed across any Penelope screen and which provides simple, on-demand access to each user’s messages, tasks, reminders and calendar.

Athena’s clients are already embracing the new features.

“Athena Software is a world leader in case management software,” said Adam Fletcher, software manager at Relate, the largest provider of relationship support in the United Kingdom. “Athena’s new Collaboration Suite enables agencies around the world to connect with clients using smart communication and workflow tools in a way that reflects how our clients live and work. Once again, Athena is setting the standard for global case management software.”

A few highlights of the Collaboration Suite include:

New Discussion and Conversation features, which allow staff to stay connected via secure communication tools within Penelope

A multitude of new Workflow tools, including the ability to create time-based projects, reminders and checklists, all collected on a detailed Workflow management layer

SMS and e-mail reminders for staff and clients (the system can be configured so that staff and / or clients receive e-mail or text reminders about upcoming events, while staff can also be notified about internal conversation or discussion updates, task communications and much more, whether or not they are logged into Penelope)

Real-time notifications, including notification of updates to discussions or tasks, even client arrivals

Electronic Signature capture

The communications and workflow tools included in the Collaboration Suite allow for secure, efficient and user-friendly communication between an organization’s staff members within Penelope, while also providing increased accountability for task completion – for example, managers can view the status of tasks assigned to their staff and comment on each as necessary.

Client signatures can also now be captured electronically and attached to documentation within Penelope, with an option to push a link to a person’s smartphone or tablet for them to sign using a stylus or even their finger. This use of smart technology has the potential to generate huge savings in time and paper for organizations using Penelope.

“We wanted to create an innovative new ‘worker-centric’ framework that would ‘push’ critical information in real time to the staff involved so that they could process and act upon complex streams of information across their program areas, staff and clients in a meaningful, efficient, organized and timely manner,” said Athena Software partner Greg Stanley-Horn.

“The Collaboration Suite not only creates new opportunities for collaboration, decision support and quality assurance, but it also is an important platform that sets the stage for direct engagement with clients, their families and involved third-party providers via our upcoming client portal. We’re excited about these revolutionary enhancements to Penelope and the dramatic impact it will have for our clients,” said Stanley-Horn.


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