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New marketing analytics degree offered online

March 9th, 2015

This spring the Manderson Graduate School of Business began offering a new online master’s degree in marketing with a specialization in marketing analytics. The program is one of several online degrees offered and follows similar curricula as to the on-campus 
analytics graduate programs.

Arthur Allaway, professor of marketing and coordinator of the Masters of Science in Marketing program, said students will take a general marketing class for about half of the 30-hour program. Online students watch lectures from on-campus professors and are tested on the same material as on-campus students. The program’s flexible coursework primarily targets full-time workers who want to earn a specialization in the 
growing field of analytics.

“We just launched, but we’ve already had probably 15 people that said they want to do this,” he said. “Because marketing big data is relatively new and these positions are being created like crazy, and a lot of times it’s a mid-manager or a rising young person in a company who says, ‘I’d rather do that, and if I can get that set of skills, then I will double my salary.’”

The marketing analytics specialization of the new online graduate degree includes programming and data mining courses focused on Statistical Analysis System software, which is used by most Fortune 500 companies. Several programs within the graduate school, such as applied statistics and operations management, also use the SAS software.

“We give students hands-on experience with what we call real world data,” said Cali Davis, a statistics clinical instructor and coordinator for the master’s applied statistics program. “The data is not clean. It’s not nice and neat. It’s not like what you would see in a textbook. It’s more like what you would get on the first project you get from 
a company.”

By working with big data, Davis said students have the opportunity to explore and modify the information, and then they can present it to the company to help make business decisions. She said most students upon graduation receive jobs slightly above entry-level at places like Chase Bank, Protective Life, Disney, dunnhumby, Medicaid, 
Procter & Gamble Co. and more.

The new online program, like others, has the potential to attract both full-time workers and current on-campus students who need to complete their degree online because of a new job offer.

John Mittenthal, associate professor of operations management and coordinator of the master’s operations management program, said the online operations 
management program has 44 students, which is far more than the eight students in the on-campus program.

“A lot of people in online programs are concerned about what does it say on the diploma,” he said. “Well here, it is a degree in marketing, or it’s a degree in operations management. We have made a very concerted effort to make sure that the online and the on campus experience is as close to identical as we can make it.”

In the future, Allaway said he hopes they can offer a University Scholars option for students interested in the master’s in marketing program. But for now, he applauds the faculty for making the program the best.

“Most of these schools, the people that teach statistics are dry,” he said. “They are very busy with other things. If you ask about [our teachers], they have time, are always there, get back to you, have office hours and are warm. That’s why this thing works.”


Elevate Integrates Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics to Expand Legal Management Services Portfolio

January 5th, 2015

Seal Software today announced a partnership with Elevate Services, Inc., a next generation legal service provider. Leveraging Seal’s Contract Discovery and Analytics solution as part of its legal service offerings enables Elevate to deliver a more robust and efficient contract review and management process, in turn delivering more streamlined results for its clients.

Elevate provides a wide range of services to its clients, including consulting, legal support services and technology. Within its extensive document review offering, the company uses a variety of review methods to serve its clients as efficiently as possible. To better manage the varying nature of contract review projects, Elevate partnered with Seal Software to automate the discovery, extraction, and analysis of relevant unstructured contracts, resulting in a quicker, comprehensive, and more accurate review process, and delivering results that could not be achieved using traditional manual methods.

“Elevate has many clients with a wide range of use cases including contract management, migration, contract standardization and clause library creation,” said Kevin Colangelo, vice president, Client Relations and Strategic Communications at Elevate. “Seal Software provides a comprehensive system for contract discovery and analytics that enables us to deliver a more robust and cost-effective service to our clients.”

Seal Co-Founder and CEO Ulf Zetterberg said, “Elevate is a key player in the contract services market, and this strategic partnership will allow the company’s contract review team to manage a larger scale of contract document review more efficiently. By utilizing Seal’s Contract Discovery and Analytics platform, the company will be able to offer better visibility into its clients’ corporate transactions.”

To learn more about Seal Software solutions visit the website, download the latest e-book, “The Business Case for Seal Software,” or read the IDC Technology Spotlight “Contract Discovery and Analytics: Driving Value from Within Your Contracts,” which examines the intricate issue of managing the hidden data within business contracts in a time of ever-changing government regulations and compliance, disparate systems, and an exploding number of contracts across all aspects of business.


Data#3 shifts direction with wireless analytics move

June 13th, 2014

ASX-listed technology services provider Data #3 has moved to slowly acquire wireless analytics company Discovery Technology over the next three years, as it looks to find new avenues to sell products and services to businesses.

The deal, which could be worth $2.5 million in full, will give Data #3 the option to purchase an initial, minority stake in Discovery next year with options to fully acquire the company by June 2017.

Data #3 managing director John Grant said the deal was structured to give the best value for the existing owners of the company.

Discovery Technology makes software to analyse network traffic on wi-fi networks, and provides the ability to track users by their indoor location, or push advertising to those connected to the wi-fi network.

The software, which Data #3 already resells, is used in shopping centres, airports and hospitals.

Mr Grant said the acquisition was an attempt to gain a foot in the door of potential new clients by talking to departments other than IT and was one of several potential aquisitions the company was looking at to expand its sales capability.

“The discussions that Discovery has with organisations are with marketing teams and operations, not with IT,” he told The Australian Financial Review. “The influence in IT spend these days is shifting progressively more to end users, which is where it should be. It’s a different way in, more influential and less competitive.”

The move to increase analytics over such networks has also raised privacy concerns among consumers, amid fears shopping centres are using wi-fi networks to determine a user’s location and shopping habits even if they don’t connect to the network.

Telstra retail group executive Gordon Ballantyne recently said that the telco’s plan to roll out a national wi-fi network in public areas and using home wireless networks would not be opened to third-party marketing and advertising firms for analytics.

Mr Grant said he was aware of the concerns.

“People sign up to wi-fi networks, it’s a choice,” he said. “The fact is they are signing off on that and as soon as they give their approval, they can choose how to proceed with that. If they opt in they’ll get serviced the full range of things that can be delivered across a wi-fi network.”


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