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Real Blackberry Spy Software Debuts

January 6th, 2011

Blackberry spy software is a powerful creation that gives detailed information about what an employee or family member is truly doing on their phone.With children and employees staying ahead of technological advances, it is possible to fight back.

Mobile spy is a unique hybrid of service and software which allows monitoring of Blackberry users activities without the user knowing that it is actively on the phone. Once the program has been loaded directly onto the cellular device, it runs silently in the background, detailing every call, text, and location.

This system allows a parent or employer the opportunity to monitor what is going on while they are away. It can be remotely accessed from any location with Internet, simply by logging in to their private Mobile Spy account. It can even be monitored by logging in to a different smart phone such as an iPhone or a separate Blackberry.

Once the phone has the program loaded, as soon as the user turns the phone on, a log is generated. Each incoming and outgoing call is logged, along with a date and time stamp. Even the user’s SMS text messages are monitored and logged, including full text, even if it has been deleted from the cellular device.

Parents, who worry about inappropriate messages being sent to and from their kids, even have access to the photos and videos that are sent and received on the phone. It is possible to know exactly who the children are talking to and what is being sent at any time of the day. If a child is supposed to turn their phone off at bedtime, there has been little recourse for finding evidence of sneakiness. With this system however, parents will not only know if their child is talking after hours, they will know who they are talking or texting, and the exact times that it is occurring.

Employers who are worried about how employees are using their work resources can use this service as a means to ensure loyalty and support. The contacts, tasks, and memo monitoring provides detailed information about who the employee communicates with on a regular basis. Additionally, by activating the GPS portion of the program, an employer can see just how long it truly takes a driver to deliver a product and what is going on the remainder of the time they are away from the office.

For the entire length of a one year subscription, the purchaser receives instant downloads, detailed instructions, online tech support, free updates, and a customized user name. Additionally, the member will receive a full year of remote monitoring software for the desktop PC, providing security to the computer that most often monitors the users and the usage.

Lastly, the most important benefit of blackberry spy software is that it can provide peace of mind. All of the data is held off-site in secure servers and are scanned daily by ScanAlert to ensure that security is not compromised. With all data safe and confidential, parents or businesses can rest easy that they truly know what is going on under or around their roof.


Kao Brands Selects the Proficy Software Platform

January 6th, 2011

Kao Brands, a global manufacturer of premium beauty brands including Jergens, Ban, Biore, Curel, Guhl and John Freida, prides itself on innovation and quality. Therefore, when the company added new equipment or implemented different procedures, they realized that they needed a system that was both agile and secure to allow optimizing the manufacturing of many different recipes on the same equipment.

Over the last seven years, Kao has expanded its operations globally, particularly in Europe and Australia. In March 2009, new equipment was added to accommodate the additional needed capacity. This increase in sales had necessitated using outside contractors to fulfill product commitment. The company saw value in cost savings and quality improvement while protecting the confidentiality of recipes by bringing that manufacturing capacity back to the plant. Kao produces many different products and SKUs on the same equipment and packages those products on the same lines.

“This was a logistical problem,” said Andy Pickens, Engineering Manager for Kao Brands’ Cincinnati plant. “With three major production areas – making, storage and packaging – producing many products with the same equipment and having to validate cleanings between products, results in a complicated system. We needed to continue to provide high quality products but with more agility to address the increased capacity requirements.”

Kao’s control system is complex and its PLC platform was driving the operation. Many operations are interconnected and if a change in one system was made through the PLC, due to sequencing, it could have an adverse effect on another operation down the line. The team thought that, due to the rate that things change, they needed a solution that would allow them to develop PLC code once and not have to change it with each tweak to the process. Kao implemented Proficy Batch, a powerful and feature-rich solution used to increase product quality, consistency and efficiency, and Proficy Historian to capture high-resolution process data enabling true process visibility.

The Proficy solution was implemented on the new equipment and now the team is implementing on all equipment. “We now change recipes more quickly and more reliably,” said Pickens. “Changes that used to take days to implement are now taking hours instead.”

Kao isn’t stopping there, according to Pickens. The company would like to use the data collected by the Proficy Software solution for process improvement. “We are working to optimize what is a good time for each step of every product we make,” he said. “We would like to see what the impact any manufacturing bottlenecks have on the schedule made by the production team, and adjust our schedule dynamically to compensate.”

“Kao Brands is a great example of how companies achieve efficiencies by laying a solid foundation of reliability and predictability,” said Erik Udstuen, Vice President of Software & Services for GE Intelligent Platforms. “Operational excellence starts with visibility into operations, moves to efficiency, reliability and then, by standardizing work processes, improving planning and execution across the company results in a sustainable competitive advantage for the company in the marketplace.”


2010 Top 5 Software Topics

January 2nd, 2011

We’ve created a list about 5 top software topics that people were discussing during the year 2010. You’ll be surprised to know that millions of Mozilla Firefox users wanted to find out where they could get the best add-ons for the web browser, to help them improve their browsing experience.

Many antivirus software products that are offered as “free” on the Internet, also have features that are just as good as antivirus software that you often pay for. You can download the following software and use them to help protect your system from viruses and malware: AVG 9.0 Antivirus Free, Avira Home Edition, Avast! Free Antivirus, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

The latest buzz about the iPad, and iPhone has been news worthy, because consumers wanted to learn more about Apple’s iPhone operating system. Many opinions were expressed about the iPhone, because consumers were concerned about the lack of support for Adobe Flash, and not being able to see interactive videos on Apple’s iPhone.

The web browser Google Chrome, often made headline news, because you can use plug-ins and extensions that are similar to Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Google Chrome users, here’s a few extensions that you might like to try out: Adblock, Send From Gmail, Google Mail Checker, IE Tab, DocsPDF/PowerPoint Viewer, Fastest Chrome, and Stop Autoplay for YouTube.

Microsoft Office 2010 was released this past year, and the software has several new features that can help you to stay organized and get your work done faster. However, if you can’t afford to buy Microsoft Office 2010, you could use an open-source application, such as Open Office, as an alternative. The software application, Open Office is free to use, and has features that are similar to Microsoft Office. You can use the Word Write Processor, Calc Spreadsheet, and Impress Presentation Creator to organize all of your information.


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