Mobile Application Testing – 01 Synergy

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01 Synergy offers a complete and comprehensive range of Mobile Application testing services from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing. Complexities across handset makers, carriers, locations and operating systems has made building bug-free mobile apps really difficult.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Requirements Capture and Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test case Design
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Tracking & Management
  • Reporting
  • Test Metrics

01 Synergy offers a wide range of Mobile Application testing services, including:

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Usability Testing

Our QA professionals can help you with all your Mobile App testing projects,  including:

  • iOS Application Testing (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android Application Testing
  • BlackBerry Application Testing
  • Windows Phone 7 Application Testing

01 Synergy is here to help, if you have a need to discuss Mobile application testing, agile testing, do count on us to help. Visit us online at or send us a mail here:

Software identifies thief in 4 hours

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On Monday evening, city police commissioner MN Reddi turned his Twitter handle into a trumpet, announcing that his boys had cracked a house break-in case within four hours of it being reported, using a new software.

“The culprit’s identity was traced through Police Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) within 4 hours of theft of Rs 10 lakh property,” he tweeted.

The success is considered big by senior officers, as Bangalore police are turning to new technology in crime detection.

A case was registered with Sanjaynagar police station on Monday morning after gold and cash worth around Rs 10 lakh was stolen from the house of Shivashankar, a resident of Teacher’s Colony in Sanjaynagar. He had locked his house on Saturday and left Bangalore for the Ganesha festival. On returning, he found thieves had broken into the house through the rear door.

A senior police officer said they had lifted fingerprints from the crime scene. During analysis, the fingerprints matched those of a habitual offender. “We don’t want to reveal his identity at the moment as we are yet to nab him. This technology helped us crack the case within four hours,” said a senior police officer.

According to senior officers, AFIS has been in use for the past few years and Monday’s incident was proof that it’s a potent tool. This software identifies characteristics of fingerprints from the data bank. Following comparison of data, a possible culprit’s identity is revealed.


* Sanjaynagar police receive a complaint that a house is broken into, valuables and cash amounting to Rs 10 lakh looted

* Officers, forensic experts rush to the spot; retrieve fingerprints from scene of crime

* Cops feed fingerprints into Automated Fingerprints Identification System centre in commissioner’s office on Infantry Road

* System rummages through database and throws up a match, identified as a habitual offender. Police launch manhunt for suspect, four hours after report comes in.


Nasdaq-listed Progress Software opens start-up incubator in India

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After Target and Cisco, it is the turn of Nasdaq-listed Progress Software Corporation to start a global incubator programme for start-up companies.

Business apps

The company is first testing the waters in India to launch the Pacific Incubator programme to encourage the early-stage start-ups to work on business applications built on Progress solutions. Besides providing work space for the selected early-stage start-ups, the programme also gives them the company’s Pacific platform to build their solutions. Progress will initially house 5-7 start-ups from November, with about 25 people at its iLabs facility.

The company is planning to extend the programme to cover 25 start-ups, seeing response to the initial phase. The company will also expand this to other three global locations based on its experience here.

“They will get seats in the same space we are operating. Those interested in developing business solutions in cloud, mobile-based applications can join the fray. We have just called for applications. We will screen them and hope to start the programme in November,” Ramesh Loganathan, Vice-President (Products) and Managing Director of Progress Software India, told BusinessLine.

Progress engineers will mentor start-ups and provide them with access to markets. The Progress Pacific Incubator program will be extended to local universities as well.

Progress President and Chief Executive Officer Philip Pead had earlier indicated that its India Development Centre would support application development projects for start-ups using the Pacific platform.

Prototype stage

Start-ups that are at the prototype stage of an idea can leverage the Progress Pacific and Progress Rollbase solutions to gain productivity benefits and faster time-to-market for their business applications, Loganathan said. Each of the start-up will be incubated for six months. “After that we will move on to the next set of start-ups.

“We will begin the screening process two months ahead of starting the subsequent phase,” he said.

The company, however, has no plans to take any equity in the start-ups in lieu of giving them space that is worth (notional) ₹10,000 a seat per month.


4 Reasons Business Productivity Software Means Better Business – Period

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Business Productivity Software (BPS) promises to deliver a lot more bang for its buck, both initially and over time, for companies of nearly every shape and size.
So What is BPS?

Different from standard productivity software, BPS is a revolutionary new approach for integrating systems, people, and business processes. It’s primary focus is to allow people to work better – both individually and collaboratively. It supports and integrates both data and processes for nearly every aspect of business – sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, executive management and more.

So, why is your business not leveraging it?

For most businesses, making the move to a comprehensive BPS solution requires an entire organization’s buy-in and a true commitment to wanting to improve all business processes. Solutions (such as business by Miles) present new frontiers for businesses of all sizes. Frontiers that include better management, organization and collaboration of all business operations 24/7. Still, some companies find it hard to jump away from the de facto standard in terms of business process management, traditional ERP systems.

What a shame, because BPS solutions today afford companies both small and large a viable alternative and a necessary graduation in business process efficiency.

Below are 4 reasons to embrace business productivity software – or at least, begin your BPS homework.
Your Business Needs Better Collaboration

The collaborative aspects of BPS productivity are vast. Exchanging, storing and accessing information is more efficient with BPS in place, resulting in not only centralized information, but also a 24/7 opportunity to collaborate, engage – and get business done.
Better Integration Means Better Business

Doesn’t it get frustrating when different departments are using different software platforms and colleagues are not working in an integrated manner?

Integration means that information from various sources is pushed into a centralized location, so that data is available in one place rather than multiple places. An example of this is integrating financial software, for instance, QuickBooks, with a BPS system – allowing users to see important financial information and how it ties into aspects of a business, without separately opening QuickBooks.

Doesn’t it make sense to fully integrate all business processes?
Your Human Resources Tactics Are Tired

It’s difficult to run a growing business without having the right people on board. Every growing business needs to make efficient recruiting a priority, but recruiting can be an overwhelming and labor intensive undertaking.

Sure, some productivity software packages are built specifically for applicants, allowing them to create logins and user profiles, then apply for multiple positions. Still, those tools do not necessarily allow multiple users to work on recruiting in a collaborative way. Plus, they don’t tie together recruiting and other business functions.

With a BPS system, the recruiting process is streamlined, resulting in customized application processes, applicant tracking and more.
Your Customers Will Benefit – Greatly

Customer service is a vital part of the buying experience. Your company might provide stellar products, but in the long run, deficient customer service and support risks losing customer loyalty and revenue. Providing excellent customer service is critical.

Using a BPS system that includes a customer portal can significantly decrease the amount of time and effort your employees spend handling customer service inquiries and issues. An online customer portal can provide 24/7 customer support and allow customers to, at any time of the day, submit requests, make payments, request additional projects and more.

Your business will get paid faster – by customers highly content with their ability to interact with a customer service superstar.


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