Mobile Application Testing – 01 Synergy

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01 Synergy offers a complete and comprehensive range of Mobile Application testing services from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing. Complexities across handset makers, carriers, locations and operating systems has made building bug-free mobile apps really difficult.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Requirements Capture and Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test case Design
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Tracking & Management
  • Reporting
  • Test Metrics

01 Synergy offers a wide range of Mobile Application testing services, including:

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Usability Testing

Our QA professionals can help you with all your Mobile App testing projects,  including:

  • iOS Application Testing (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android Application Testing
  • BlackBerry Application Testing
  • Windows Phone 7 Application Testing

01 Synergy is here to help, if you have a need to discuss Mobile application testing, agile testing, do count on us to help. Visit us online at or send us a mail here:

Simple Circuit Could Double Cell Phone Data Speeds

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A relatively simple circuit invented by researchers at the University of Texas could let smartphones and other wireless devices send and receive data twice as fast as they do now.

The circuit makes it possible for a radio to send and receive signals on the same channel simultaneously – something known as “full-duplex” communications. That should translate to a doubling of the rate at which information can be moved around wirelessly.

Today’s radios must send and receive at different times to avoid drowning out incoming signals with their own transmissions. As a smartphone accesses the Internet via a cell tower, for example, its radio flips back and forth between sending and receiving, similar way to the way two people having a conversation take turns to speak and listen.

The new circuit, known as a circulator, can isolate signals coming into a device from those it is sending out, acting as a kind of selective filter in between a device’s antenna and its radio circuitry. Circulators are already a crucial part of radar systems, but until now they have always been built using strong magnets made from rare earth metals, making them bulky and unsuited to the circuit boards inside devices such as laptops and smartphones.

The new circuit design avoids magnets, and uses only conventional circuit components. “It’s very cheap, compact, and light,” says Andrea Alù, the associate professor who led the work. “It’s ideal for a cell phone.”

The two-centimeter-wide device could easily be miniaturized and added to existing devices with little modification to the design. “This is just a standalone piece of hardware you put behind your antenna.”

Alù’s circulator design looks, and functions, like a traffic circle with three “roads,” in the form of wires, leading into it. Signals can travel into, or out of, the circle via any of those wires. But components called resonators spaced around that circle force signals to travel around it only in a clockwise direction.

When a wireless device’s antenna is connected to one of the wires leading into the circle, it isolates signals that have just been received from those the device has generated for transmission itself. The new design is described by Alù and colleagues in a paper in the journal Nature Physics.

“This is definitely a significant research development,” says Philip Levis, an associate professor at Stanford. “It’s a very new way to look at a very old problem, and has some very good results.” However Levis notes that work remains to be done to convert the lab-bench breakthrough into something practical for the crucial frequency bands used for Wi-Fi, cellular, and other communications.

Alù says that his circulator can easily be adjusted to work at a wide range of frequencies, and that he is exploring options for commercializing the design. The circuit could, for instance, help simplify and improve technology being tested by some U.S. and European cellular carriers that uses a combination of software and hardware to allow full-duplex radio links (see “The Clever Circuit That Doubles Bandwidth”).

Joel Brand, vice president for product management at startup Kumu Networks, which developed that technology, says the new device could indeed be useful. “We would be happy to take advantage of it,” he says.


Tyto announces latest version of Sahi Pro software

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Bangalore-based Tyto Software, creators of Sahi Open Source and Sahi Pro has announced major release Sahi Pro 6.0. This release enables non-technical QA team members optimize test performance of their various web applications, the company said in its statement. Sahi Open Source and Sahi Pro has around 200 enterprise customers across various industry verticals for testing their Web Applications, it said. Building on its robust web automation engine, Sahi Pro 6 improves tester productivity with a web based editor to easily author and manage automation scripts. The intuitive user interface also allows creation of suites and triggering parallel and multi machine playback with just a few clicks. Sahi Pro 6 provides better integration with Continuous Integration systems like Jenkins, reducing plumbing and maintenance effort. Image comparison APIs allow screenshots to be compared and native events have been added to navigate tricky automation areas. Reporting has been improved with better error logs and page level and element level screenshots. Improved querying and graphs help get more information for analysis of test runs. Overall Sahi Pro 6.0.0 enhances testing ROI and allows testers to just focus on business test cases while Sahi Pro takes care of everything else. “Sahi Pro 6 significantly enhances tester productivity and allows even the not-too-technical teams to adopt and reap good ROI from web test automation,” said V. Narayan Raman, Founder and CEO of Tyto Software. Sahi has been mentioned under Open Source as one of the most widely used tools in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites-2014. Also, Sahi Pro and Sahi have been mentioned under Test automation (functional and regression) category in 2013 Forrester report on Navigating the Agile Testing Tool Landscape.


Bahrain Polytechnic in software deal with Microsoft

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Bahrain Polytechnic and Microsoft have signed an agreement that will enable the academic institution to acquire Microsoft software in a cost-effective way.

Bahrain Polytechnic’s acting chief executive Dr Mohamed Al Aseeri said through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Enrolment for Education Solutions (EES) agreement, the institution has acquired the technology to support students with the means to carve out successful careers, reported the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.

“This deal also helped free the information technology (IT) directorate’s team from time-consuming and costly maintenance and the management of IT directorate activities giving them more time to concentrate on other fundamental tasks,” he said.

Bahrain Polytechnic is the first educational institution in the kingdom to benefit from the agreement.

“We essentially wanted a turn-key platform that would deliver easy management, always-on availability and could meet the growing storage needs to cope with the exponential increase in mailboxes without difficulty,” said Bahrain Polytechnic information and communications technology services director Sameera Alatawi.

She said Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, as part of the EES agreement, are being used to address IT management issues and deliver educational services. ‘Office 365 and Azure are important technology platforms that are also helping us meet our wider strategic objectives of promoting national economic development,” Alatawi added.

Microsoft in Bahrain and Oman regional general manager Sherif Tawfik said the new licensing programme was simple, smart and affordable.


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