Mobile Application Testing – 01 Synergy

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01 Synergy offers a complete and comprehensive range of Mobile Application testing services from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing. Complexities across handset makers, carriers, locations and operating systems has made building bug-free mobile apps really difficult.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Requirements Capture and Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test case Design
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Tracking & Management
  • Reporting
  • Test Metrics

01 Synergy offers a wide range of Mobile Application testing services, including:

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Usability Testing

Our QA professionals can help you with all your Mobile App testing projects,  including:

  • iOS Application Testing (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android Application Testing
  • BlackBerry Application Testing
  • Windows Phone 7 Application Testing

01 Synergy is here to help, if you have a need to discuss Mobile application testing, agile testing, do count on us to help. Visit us online at or send us a mail here:

R S Software Fixes July 31, 2014 as Record Date for Interim Dividend

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R.S. Software (India) Ltd has fixed July 31, 2014, as the Record Date for the purpose of payment of Interim Dividend.

Shares of R.S.SOFTWARE INDIA LTD. was last trading in BSE at Rs.384.65 as compared to the previous close of Rs. 349.7. The total number of shares traded during the day was 126299 in over 8304 trades.

The stock hit an intraday high of Rs. 384.65 and intraday low of 351. The net turnover during the day was Rs. 46943467.


President Park Set to Add Software Development to National Curriculum

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As part of efforts to create future growth engines of the nation’s “creative economy, the S. Korean government now puts a stronger emphasis on teaching students how to develop software at an early age.” “Reinforcing the competitiveness of the nation’s software sector is an urgent task for the sustainable development of the nation’s information technology (IT) industry. Software should take center stage in Korean society,” President Park Geun-hye said on Wednesday.

“Software education for future generations is all important. Just like the UK, India, Japan and China puts a high premium on teaching computer programming to students, S. Korea also has to beef up software education in elementary, middle and high schools.” President Park said during the Briefing on Strategies for Software-centered Society, held on Wednesday at Pangyo Techno Valley, just south of Seoul.

During the briefing, the Ministry of Education presented a plan for early software education. Under the plan, completing software courses will become compulsory next year starting with middle school freshmen; elementary schools will add computer programming to their regular curriculum from 2017: and high schools will make it an elective subject starting from 2018.

Once computer programming has been chosen as an official school subject, nurturing talent with creativity software-wise can start very early. In addition, it will raise the competitiveness of the nation’s software sector, as well as that of other industries.

Having felt the significance of early software education, Cho Sung-gap, Chairman of the Korea Information Processing Society (KIPS) and Korea Federation of Information Technology Societies (FITS), played a part in prompting the government to move forward with adding software development to the national curriculum. Twenty members of the FITS have continuously argued for the need for early software education by attending press conferences at the National Assembly and various discussions and writing to newspapers. “The government’s vision for a creative economy finally starts to take form. The FITS will continue to work to help the government draw up more desirable software policies,” Chairman Cho mentioned.

“Unless computer coding is connected to the national college entrance exam, it is hard for students to have motivations for learning computer coding. If adding the subject of software to the college entrance exam is too much of a burden on students, absolute evaluations could be used in measuring students’ knowledge of software,” President Park added, hinting at the possibility of including coding in the national college entrance exam.

As some media outlets talked about the likelihood of adding coding to the college entrance exam after President Park made such remarks, the Ministry of Education said, “We have yet to consider such a move. Even if software development is selected as a college entrance exam subject, it won’t happen until the 2021 college entrance exam, which students currently in the 5th grade would take.

“The government has pressed ahead with varied policies for the reinforcement of software competitiveness over the past two decades. But they had only a marginal effect. Hence thinking of this plan as the nation’s last chance, the government and the public should strongly unite in pushing for this, President Park continued.


Threshold And Yosemite Are Coming

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Yep they are coming to visit you soon, maybe by the end of the year. Yikes. What or who are they and should you be afraid?

“They” are the new Windows and Mac operating systems, due out later this year. With Threshold (or Windows 9) it may be early next year. Both are being heralded as the next best thing, better than sliced bread. Well, we have all heard that before but judging by early reviews it might be true.

Win 9/Threshold looks to be that major upgrade away from Windows 8/8.1 and back towards a desktop environment.

Some of the blogs are saying the “Metro” or pane side will either be gone completely for desktop/laptops or will have a way to disable it permanently. The Start button will return, as will other basic functions that have been available starting with XP and continuing with 7. There is some talk that the software will “know” what kind of product you have, i.e. a laptop, tablet or phone and adjust itself to that product.

If you are using a Windows based tablet, the Threshold OS will look different than how it will on a laptop, same with a phone. With Windows 8 Microsoft attempted, rather poorly, to have all types of platforms run the same software.

It looks like they have realized some major mistakes and are on the right path.

Microsoft seems to take a step forward and then shoot itself in the foot with the next one and has to regroup. Windows ME (back around 2000) was a bust and then came along XP. Great software that is followed by the Vista bust, which lead into the great Windows 7 OS and sadly followed by Windows 8, which has helped the downturn in laptop/ desktop sales. Here’s hoping and wishing that Threshold/Windows 9 will be a great product with lots of success.

Yosemite is coming this fall and will be the next major upgrade for Macs.

Unlike Microsoft, Apple seems to understand that the basic functions of the desktop need to stay the same, with additions or tweaks making them work better.

It seems that looking for a file, moving data around, etc. will be much easier and AirDrop will allow you to add things to your iCloud account easily. IOS 8 for iPad’s and iPhones will be debuting as an upgrade this fall as well. It will allow you to edit photos/view regardless of what device you took them with or where you have saved them through your iCloud. Messages will allow video and voice to be added with a tap. So you have been warned. Threshold and Yosemite are coming your way…


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