Mobile Application Testing – 01 Synergy

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01 Synergy offers a complete and comprehensive range of Mobile Application testing services from Unit Testing to User Acceptance Testing. Complexities across handset makers, carriers, locations and operating systems has made building bug-free mobile apps really difficult.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Requirements Capture and Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test case Design
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Tracking & Management
  • Reporting
  • Test Metrics

01 Synergy offers a wide range of Mobile Application testing services, including:

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • Usability Testing

Our QA professionals can help you with all your Mobile App testing projects,  including:

  • iOS Application Testing (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android Application Testing
  • BlackBerry Application Testing
  • Windows Phone 7 Application Testing

01 Synergy is here to help, if you have a need to discuss Mobile application testing, agile testing, do count on us to help. Visit us online at or send us a mail here:

Iris’ GST Tourist Refund Software Operational Apr 1, 2015

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Iris Corp Bhd said its RM155 million Goods and Services Tax’s (GST) tax refund software for tourists will be operational on GST’s implementation on Apr 1, 2015.

Group managing director, Datuk Tan Say Jim, said Iris has received the approval from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and would start developing the software — Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS).

“It is not a contract where the government gives us a certain amount of money. We were given a ‘three-plus-two-year’ concession by the government. It is up to us to invest in the infrastructure,” he told reporters after the company’s annual general meeting here today.

He said for the six per cent of the GST refund made by the tourist, Iris would get 15 per cent of the refund value.

“Right now, we are negotiating with the Customs Department on which areas that are suitable to put up the counters. We are identifying certain places like the KLIA and klia2, for sure,” he said.

Pursuant to the tender requirements, Iris has also established a joint venture (JV) company with Global Blue, the Swiss-based expert in international shopping and spending.

The JV would provide a world-class TRS system in Malaysia by combining Iris’ proven expertise in global IT solutions with Global Blue’s experience in operating TRS in 37 countries worldwide.

Global Blue chief executive officer, David Baxby, said offering GST refunds would make Malaysian retailers even more attractive to global shoppers, the world’s most valuable customers.

“Travelling within Asia is forecast to continue to grow significantly in the coming years, and the introduction of a TRS will establish Malaysia as a shopping paradise for international travelers,” he said.

Tourism Malaysia has reportedly set a target of 28 million tourists for Visit Malaysia 2014, who are expected to spend a total of RM76 billion, from 25.7 million tourists registered last year, with receipts of RM65.44 billion.


Application Software Acquires Intensions: Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), Red Hat (NYSE:RHT), Msci Inc (NYSE:MSCI)

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Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) [Trend Analysis] released revenue and operating income growth of 3 percent for Q1 of FY15. The solid progress in the cloud SAAS as well as PAAS businesses, with growth of 32 percent, at the time IAAS revenue surged 26 percent. The firm remains a wide-moat, moderately undervalued business. Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) reported the loss of -4.21% and closed at $39.80 with the total traded volume of 86.68 million shares. Its market capitalization is $177.30 billion. The company’s shares have fell -4.28% in the last one month and -2.50% in the previous three months, compared to an increase of 0.90% and 2.41% in the S&P 500 during the respective periods.

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Red Hat Inc (NYSE:RHT) [Trend Analysis] plunged in last session following guiding below analysts’ anticipates for earnings and revenue in the third quarter and despite exceeding estimates in the second quarter. The analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters expected for the second quarter the software firm released earning of 41 cents a share, beating the 38 cents a share. Red Hat Inc (NYSE:RHT) fell -4.50%, closing the day at $57.93 in last regular trading. Corporation has the total of cash of $803.04 million as compares to zero debt for the most recent quarter with the current ratio of 1.17 for the most recent quarter.

Acts and Reacts in Analytic Report, Finds (NYSE:RHT)

Msci Inc (NYSE:MSCI) [Trend Analysis] dropped in previous session, as Sep 18 with the firm escalating shareholders’ value through the inception of a dividend program. The firm has affirmed a quarterly cash dividend of 18 cents per share. It will be paid on Oct 31, 2014 to shareholders of record as of Oct 15, 2014. In last trading session, shares of Msci Inc (NYSE:MSCI) fell -1.20%, closing the day at $48.39, after wavering among $48.11 and $49.17 during the trading session. Its net profit margin in lasted declared quarter was 22.34% as compared to 21.49% in previous year in same year. Its beta value stands at 1.33 times.


Namibia: Education Launches Textbook Control Software System

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THE Ministry of Education has launched a software programme to provide efficient and effective control, maintenance and procurement of school textbooks as well as other learning materials.

Education spokesperson Johanna Absalom said the software will shorten the process of ordering textbooks from five months to two months.

Absalom added that the system will provide effective control of Management Information System provision, more efficient ordering and deliveries as well as greatly enhanced inventory control in schools and significantly reduce annual costs for learning support materials.

She also said key partners, schools and regional officials entrusted with the procurement of textbooks have been trained to work with the system to enhance effective, efficient and timely ordering and delivery of learning materials.

“Publishers and distributors have already begun to conform to standard processes and practices within the supply chain of textbooks, which will ensure an efficient system that will bring down the costs of Learner Support Materials and their supplies in the future,” she said.

Absalom revealed that the technical support provided by MCA-N through the US government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation amounts to N$12million to assist the ministry to implement its 2008 textbook policy.

“An additional N$2,1million will be provided for the procurement of computers and other ICT equipment for various offices of the ministry’s Supply Chain Management Unit,” she said. “Therefore, the system is crucial in accelerating the supply and delivery of textbooks to schools.”

This comes after teachers have alleged that the ministry failed to deliver textbooks to schools on time, especially those in remote areas.

Teachers’ unions also raised concerns as to whether the ministry will be able to fill the gaps the education sector currently faces – including textbook deliveries – while it implements the new school curriculum next year.

Absalom said with stakeholders’ support, the ministry is ready to implement the new curriculum in phases to ensure proper transition and transformation.


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