Side-by-side look reveals Apple’s new iPhone navigation software appears to fall short of Google Maps rival

June 15th, 2012 by Manmohan Leave a reply »

Apple has given the first glance of its replacement for Google’s maps software — and it appears the firm has a lot of work to do.

Screenshots claiming to be from the developer release of the software show Apple’s new Maps app confuses Greenland for the Indian Ocean, the Indian Ocean for the Arctic Ocean, and places the North Pacific Ocean in the middle of Africa.

Although the mistakes are expected to be rectified before the software is made available to the public later this year, they have led to Apple being called ‘dumb’ online for releasing the maps, even to developers.

We’ll see how Apple Maps really works once iOS 6 officially launches. But as of right now, it’s lacking a lot of the granularity and features that make Google Maps great. So far upgrading doesn’t seem like an upgrade at all,’ said Casey Chan of Gizmodo.

Apple also admitted this week it won’t have support for tube and bus lines on the service, and will instead send people to third party apps they must download in order to get public transport directions.

‘When building Maps, we looked around and realized the best transit apps for metros, for hiking, for biking, are coming from our developers,’ Apple’s Scott Forstall told developers.

‘And so instead of trying to develop those ourselves, we are going to integrate and feature and promote your apps for transit right within the Maps app in iOS 6.’



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