Scribe Software Helps OMICRON Keep the Lights On All Over the World

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Without Scribe, our CRM system is useless to us,” said Armin Rosenauer, IT Project Manager for OMICRON. “Before we started using Scribe, when our people are on a sales call, they had no way to access customer information, such as received quote orders, repair cases, etc.”

By implementing Scribe Software’s integration solution for CRM and AX, OMICRON, the world leader in electrical testing and diagnostic equipment, was able to establish a true 360 degree view of their customers. They were also able to start doing reliable forecasting, which was the high priority for the company.

The high quality testing equipment developed by OMICRON is used to test power lines, generators, transformers, and the rest of the electrical infrastructure in more than 140 countries. OMICRON was recently ranked as one of the top 25 employers in Europe, and their commitment to quality products has fueled their expansion from their origins in Austria to become a global presence.

“We’re proud that OMICRON has chosen Scribe as a partner for such difficult and vital work,” said Lynn Harrington, Scribe’s director of EMEA. “Their databases were spread through virtually every time zone in the world, with data coming in and out in a wide variety of formats and languages. It was crucial for OMICRON to be able to connect their AX systems to their CRM systems so that managers could see the data clearly, and share insights with each other.”

The most complex data OMICRON handled were the addresses for their customers — from country to country, the formats that addresses take vary wildly, and they were stored in a complicated way in AX, making it impossible for OMICRON to sync that data. “To get all the information from our ERP system, with a fast connection, all into one place — that was a real ‘Wow!’ moment for us,” said Rosenauer. “We had to learn the hard way how complex it was to try to connect AX to our CRM system, when we set about to import the data from our business relations into our CRM system.”



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