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According to the E-commerce and Information Technology Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, by the end of 2011, Vietnam had had 92 percent of businesses using accountancy software. Especially, the figure is very high at 96 percent in two big cities of Hanoi and HCM City.

Accounting data is described as the most important asset of every business. However, the valuable asset could be lost sometimes due to the accountancy software errors.

According to Nguyen Xuan Diep, Business and Marketing Director of SIS Vietnam, a lot of individuals and businesses now use the software products which may regularly cause troubles. These include the unlicensed software pieces, or the products with no maintenance or warranty services.

In many cases, the software suppliers sell their products at low prices to attract buyers; therefore, the products cannot meet the standards. In other cases, small businesses launch software products into the market and then give up them because they do not have money to develop the products.

If using the unreliable software products, users would regularly meet troubles. The software errors may lead to miscalculation, while notices about errors appear regularly on the screens or the computers keep on “pending” situation. As a result, accountants produce wrong figures that lead to wrong information.

In these cases, they would have to spend much time to fix the errors and adjust the information. In many cases, the revival of the lost database is impossible, which causes big losses to businesses.

However, the problem would be settled when the first accountancy software rescue center in Vietnam, S.SOS, has been established. SOS here means Save Our Software. This has been praised as a breakthrough in the accountancy software service market. The biggest outstanding feature of the center is that it can revive the lost data in case people use error software products.

Doubts have been raised about if S.SOS can make intervention to rescue the database in case accountants use packaged software such as the software products of MISA and EFFECT, the most well known Vietnamese accountancy software solution providers in Vietnam.

Diep has affirmed that the center is capable to fix nearly all the problems of the basic accountancy software products popularly used on the market, because the software products have similar keys.

He stressed that the rescue would be impossible only if the users have erased the whole database. However, with the back-up mode, it would be within reach to restore the troubled data.

Also according to Diep, if the users’ software products suffer serious errors, the users’ data can be transferred into SIS’s software.

Nguyen Xuan Hoang, General Director of MISA Company, has affirmed that technically, a center like S.SOS can make intervention to the closed software products like MISA’s ones, to rescue data in case of software errors. SIS has experiences after many years of developing accountancy software, therefore, it understand the structure of the software products well.

In related news, the accountancy software market has been growing well with the increasingly high demand from small businesses or newly set up enterprises. Some big software product providers have reported the stable growth rate of 20-30 percent annually.



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