Merits and Demerits of using Free Retail POS Software for businesses

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In the last few years, the Point of sale systems have been making their strong presence felt in a major part of the commercial sectors, particularly the hospitality, retail, real time management and trading sectors where a significant volume of credit disbursement takes place every day. The prime purpose of using these systems is to simplify the cash management system. Furthermore, digitalising the transactions also help in increasing the accuracy levels by remarkable margins, which is something that is set to help businesses to generate a greater amount of revenue consistently.

Moreover, apart from cash management, the modern day POS systems come with a wide range of support services as well as covering various segments of businesses including placing orders, interacting between different departments, calculation and printing of bills, better inventory management for the retail sectors, managing stocks better and many more. However, every model does not come stuffed with so many features. Models that are specifically designed for some particular use only includes all features that finds application in that particular sector. For instance, a point of sale retail software is not going to be similar to the POS software for restaurants. Therefore, shoppers need to select and purchase models depending on their specific requirements.

Now, just like every other technology product, the free point of sale retail software have its own set of both merits as well as demerits. Take a look at some of their pros and cons listed below:


Free: The first benefit is the fact that retailers can download such a system free from the internet. It does not cost even a single dollar which makes them highly preferable among most purchasers.

Easy to learn: As such, POS software for restaurants come for free – people can download and use them in their stores. This helps people in understanding the basics and the functioning of the POS systems. So, even if people have already decided on purchasing a standard POS software solution from the markets, trying out such a free software solution will help in learning the tricks better which will help when the real software solution eventually arrives at some point of time later.


Hidden Charges: At times, companies might be claiming that it is offering point of sale retail software or POS software for restaurants for free but that may not be the reality either. To elaborate on this, some companies charge for product delivery, installation, support and upgrades. Therefore, in the end the total expenses could even be more than what users would have had to pay had they opted for a standard system from the markets.

Limited features: Another big problem with the free systems is the fact that these have limited features and by every chance are not going to possess all the required set of functions.

No Training: For companies that really offers point of sale retail software for free without any hidden charges anywhere, the problem is the fact that no training will be provided. So, users are going to find it extremely difficult to proceed.

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