Great Software Featured On The Samsung Galaxy Note

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The Samsung Galaxy Note sits just beneath the Galaxy S3 in the manufacturers range but it still offers some great specification that rivals many premium devices. One of the most impressive aspects of this model is the excellent software and applications that come installed on the device. We explore some of the best software incorporated on this phone.

When capacitive touchscreens were introduced on smartphones it seemed to signify the end of the stylus pens that often came supplied with these models to help user achieve the precise navigation. The new Samsung Galaxy Note actually attempts to reintroduce this feature by including a new stylus device named the S Pen. The handset features a neat space where this pen can be stored when not in use. When users do opt to utilise the S Pen it helps to offers some excellent features on the large display. It proves a useful accessory for precise photo editing and it can also be used to write text over the top of photographic images that have been captured. If consumers wish to use the S Pen in a more conventional manner the Galaxy Note can be transformed int a virtual notepad on which you can jot notes using the S Pen. We did not find that using the pen was particularly quicker than other methods of input but there were times when it proved a very useful feature to have.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a handset that is packed full of some of the very best software and applications around. The map services are always popular areas of most smartphones and Samsung have decided to make use of the excellent Google Maps service rather than use their own software as they have done on some earlier devices. This may prove a very wise decision as version 5.0 of the Google software delivers some lightning fast speeds together with a great satellite navigation service and some breath taking 3D views of certain venues. The Vlingo Voice Search feature is also an updated version and it now delivers many more features than simply searching for items. Users now have the ability to select audio tracks by using the software and Facebook updates can even be posted using voice commands. The final piece of software which impressed us on the Galaxy Note is the new Samsung Music Hub. This service delivers a massive online store with millions of tracks that can be purchased. In addition to this it also offers a streaming service for a small monthly fee.

The Samsung Galaxy Note competes well against many newer smartphones that are available and the excellent range of software installed on the device is a key factor behind this. Although the S Pen functionality will not be to everybody’s taste the great selection of other applications will be of massive interest to many consumers.



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