Software to reduce time for planning permit

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Builders or residents who hitherto had to wait weeks to get their request for planning permission for a new construction approved by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) are likely to finally get some relief. The Authority is all set to employ a new software to automate the process thus reducing the time needed for technical scrutiny from to around two hours as against two weeks when done manually.

The software – Automated Planning Permission Application Scrutiny (APPAS) – developed specifically for the CMDA by a private consultant Vinza Solutions will be inaugurated shortly and will drastically reduce the time taken to scrutinise applications for planning permission.

Issue of planning permission is one of the statutory functions of CMDA under the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act 1971. The CMDA processes applications for major developments such as special buildings, group development, multi storied buildings, large industries, institutions and layouts. The planning permission for smaller buildings is issued by the executive authorities of local bodies.

As part of the test run of the software a few months ago, the CMDA tried automate 80 per cent of the process that dealt with technical scrutiny of planning permissions for special buildings, group developments and multi storied buildings. As part of this test run, manual checks were also conducted to verify the efficiency of software.

One of the biggest advantages the software offers for builders and residents is the elimination of problems that arise from different interpretations by different officials of the permission documents. The software will bring about a degree of uniformity to the process. It will not only confirm of the drawing submitted is as per prescribed format but also check if it satisfies parameters such as Floor Space Index, coverage, setback, height, parking and land use. However, the process of legal scrutiny will be still be done by officials.



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