MAIA claims breakthrough with in-memory software

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MAIA Intelligence has claimed a technology breakthrough with its upcoming release 1KEY HPC (High Performance Computing) BI software, which processes millions of records in seconds. Designed in collaboration with Microsoft India’s SQL Server 2012 team, the new in memory processing breakthrough is possible with availability of standard hardware, new 1KEY architecture supported by the features built in SQL Server 2012.

MAIA Intelligence tested the software in its labs on a 4 GB RAM Client Machine and 32 GB RAM Server to process over 10 million plus transaction records from SQL Server 2012 database in multidimensional in memory BI cube report format published within a browser in five seconds.

1KEY has a 45,000+ user base. “With the upcoming release of 1KEY HPC, we expect existing customers to make the move to 1KEY HPC and add over 50,000+ users within a year of its release. Banks, Life Insurance, Financial Services companies are going to be the first adopters of this technology as their requirement for instant decision making on large volumes of data is dire,” said Sanjay Mehta, CEO of MAIA Intelligence.

“1KEY HPC eliminates the traditional BI task of OLAP formation or building MDX queries with quick aggregated data throughput and removes the irritant of processing report time lag,” said Hiten Rathod – Head Channels & Partnerships. “There is no requirement to purge data or create multiple access methods to improve report performance.”

1KEY HPC is going to be a BI platform with an in memory architecture wherein aggregation methods, complex calculations with analytical data crunching are done in memory through the 1KEY engine. It will be made commercially available in Q3 of 2012.



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