Iran Starts Making Own Anti-virus Software

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Iran has started making its own anti- virus software, according to Assistant Professor Mohammad Hossein Sheikhi of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Shiraz, TREND news agency quoted local media as saying.

The software is being developed by Iranian experts from the Shiraz Computer Emergency Response Team of Academic Protection and Awareness (APA), a centre which provides service in the fields of network security and network disorders.

Mohammad Hossein said work on the locally-made antivirus, financed by the Iranian president’s special committee on information and communication technologies, was first begun in 2010 and since then had undergone successful tests.

In 2010, Iran’s industrial and nuclear computer systems were attacked by the Stuxnet worm, a malware designed to infect computers using Siemens Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) – a control system favoured by industries that manage water supplies, oil rigs and power plants.

Since then, Iranian officials had said the country would be working on strengthening the country’s online security.

Iran announced not long ago that it had prohibited import of foreign computer security software with the Information and Communications Technology Ministry saying Iran would rely on its own software made by local developers.

Sheikhi said that for the first time in Iran, a special virus-analysing lab has been set up along with a virus database.

He added that if the software is successful, a commercial version of it may be sold at a later stage.



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