IBM unveils software with capabilities on social media, cloud computing

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At the ongoing Impact 2012 conference holding in Las Vegas, United States of Aamerica, the International Business Machine, (IBM) has introduced a range of new business integration software capabilities called WebSphere Application Server.

The solution, according to IBM was designed to help organizations quickly begin incorporating the collaborative and intelligent capabilities of social media, mobile computing and cloud computing into their enterprise applications.

The WebSphere Application Server said to be growing rapidily in the markest, acoording to IBM now provides clients with new flexibility for embedded deployments and is ready for cloud with built in virtualization.

This new offering provides the software platform that today powers more than 100,000 clients worldwide.

Complementing WebSphere Application Server is a range of new integration software offerings including:

IBM Business Process Manager: Combines new capabilities around social, collaboration, governance and mobile to dramatically improve the way work is done. This allows organizations to gain visibility in the ways they change, manage measure and improve the processes that run their business.

IBM Operational Decision Management: Speeds and simplifies the way that organizations manage the business rules that control a wide range of decisions across business processes and applications. The new “social media” style user interface provides an intuitive environment for collaboration and simplifies searching, viewing and making rule changes.

IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Live Web Application Programming Interface (API) Services: The solution allows companies to extend their services to support the emerging community of developers who are building new social, mobile and cloud applications. This new purpose-built offering provides a comprehensive solution to deliver, socialize and manage business API assets.

According to IBM, their client , Ottawa Hospital has already begun testing how these new software and services from IBM can dramatically change their business model.

Just recently, acording to IBM in a statement, the hospital had seen a tremendous increase in patients, resulting in higher occupancy rates and ultimately, overcrowding.

Additionally, the patients being admitted had complicated and acute symptoms, placing a greater strain on the need for coordinated healthcare delivery.

The IBM system provides extensive patient information and hospital resource availability to the clinical staff, via mobile device, at the point of care – speeding both admission and treatment.

“Physicians should be focused on patient care, not be tied up doing lower value activity, like calling for consults or trying to negotiate admission for a patient,” Dale Potter, Senior Vice President & CIO at

The Ottawa Hospital, said, adding that , “The concept behind our new system from IBM is that we are able to help our staff have one consolidated view on important data and processes, getting the right information to physicians at the right time.”

With the application, he said that the attending physician can send an electronic request to the patient’s physician for clarification on past diagnosis.

The patient’s doctor receives the consultation request immediately on their most accessible device – a tablet, smart phone or a computer. They respond directly to the specific consult questions electronically, so the attending physician can correctly diagnose the patient, he explained.



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