FTC Family of Companies Launches Three New Interactive Software Games Titles

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FTC Publishing, a division of FTC Family of Companies, has just released the newest editions to their award-winning interactive games series. “Dinero Drop,” “Crazy Crash Taxi,” and “Mind Games” join 10 others in this product line, recognized by ComputED Gazette in its 16th Annual Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIE) for Best Educational Game Platform.

Based on popular game show themes, all of FTC Publishing’s interactive games are fully customizable and can be used for any sized audience, from a few students in any K-12 classroom to an enormous lecture hall or corporate presentation. “What’s so unique about our gaming products is that they’re open-ended, where teachers/presenters enter their own questions and answers into a template, and where all of the design elements are already done for them,” said Zach Lancaster, Vice President of Development for FTC Family of Companies.

FTC Publishing has spent the last 17 years bringing educational technology products and services to life. Thousands of school districts across the country and around the world have relied on FTC to make learning engaging and interactive. “We are proud to offer products and services that enable educators to support curriculum, and also motivate, excite, and stimulate student learning,” said Michael Kessler, President and CEO of the FTC Family of Companies. “There is nothing a teacher loves more than for a student to be excited about learning. And there is nothing we love as a company more than being able to help facilitate that experience.”

“These new game templates head up our next generation of gaming in support of curriculum. Not only can they be installed and played from CD or online download, but they have been developed to support our move to a complete online system for teachers to create and share their games, created to support all curriculum areas,” shares Lancaster.

This August, FTC Publishing will take interactive gaming to a whole new level when it launches an innovative online experience with the Teacher Gaming Network (TGN). Designed to be the largest gaming network for K-20 teachers throughout the country, TGN will provide teachers a hosted space to design, share, and collaborate on various games supporting any and all curriculum units. This online service will be available to all public and private school teachers free of charge, with optional features available at minimal cost.



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