Empower Software Introduces EmpowerHR/Payroll to the Market

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Empower Software Solutions had introduced EmpowerHR/Payroll, responding to the marketplace with a flexible, web-based solution for employers, regardless of whether they have 100 or 100,000 employees. Empower specializes in providing HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Workforce Management solutions to a variety of businesses, and has developed relationships with thousands of employers throughout the country.

Empower’s HR/payroll software (EmpowerHR/Pay) is designed to provide customers with a fully integrated and employee-friendly solution delivered in a SaaS model. EmpowerHR/Pay also provides a unique point-in-time architecture that allows HR professionals to easily access all of the data as it existed at a specific point-in-time, or within a date range. Selected employers that have recently acquired EmpowerPay to have improved cost and operational control via a hosted solution include:

An innovative leader in the fresh produce industry with 1,000 employees that also uses EmpowerTime recently said of their switch to EmpowerHR/Pay, “We are very happy. The improvement from our previous provider in terms of functionality and service is great. We often say, ‘we could never do that before…’ or ‘this is so much better/easier than what we use to have to do.’ EmpowerHR/Pay is much easier, more accurate, less expensive and more powerful that what we’ve used in the past.”
A steel finishing plant in business since 1910 with more than 1,000 employees and complicated Union Rules was an early-adopter of EmpowerHR/Pay.
A leading nonprofit biomedical research institute with 950 employees said of their new relationship with Empower Software, “The implementation was fairly straightforward despite our need for multiple project handling and other features unique to a research institute. We are very satisfied with the extra level of service provided by Empower. We have saved significant maintenance fees from our former payroll vendor and have experienced excellent throughput with Empower.”
As an employer of 350 employees, this precast concrete component producer currently uses EmpowerTime and EmpowerHR/Pay; they have been an Empower client since 2008.The initial rollout to a 350-employee division of a 2,000-employee leader in the airport cargo handling industry is the latest successful implementation of EmpowerHR/Pay.
“We look forward to providing these companies with the tremendous benefits our existing customers have experienced in improved customer service and reduced cost,” said Empower Software Solution CEO Seth Bernstein.



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