BlackBerry 10 software reactions mixed

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Research In Motion on Tuesday demonstrated its new BlackBerry 10 software, scheduled to arrive on phones later this year. Now the big question for third-party software makers is whether they will invest in developing apps for the struggling BlackBerry maker.

Support from software developers is important for the success of a mobile product. Apps, after all, define what exactly you can do with a smartphone or tablet, beyond basic functions like placing a phone call or sending an e-mail.

A scattering of popular app makers offered mixed reactions to BlackBerry 10. Some were completely opposed to making apps for the BlackBerry because of RIM’s uncertain future, while others kept an open mind.

Phill Ryu, chief executive of Impending, which made the to-do list app Clear, seemed allergic to the idea. He said it was a waste of time because RIM was already so far behind its competitors Apple and Googlein the mobile business.

“If this is a horse race, RIM is two laps behind and has a lame leg,” he said. “Why would I bet my time and money on them?”

Jordan Schidlowsky, chief executive of Noodlecake Studios, which made the mobile game Super Stickman Golf, said his company had just released a BlackBerry version of its game on Tuesday. He said the news of BlackBerry 10 made him more interested in the platform as a whole, because RIM has made it easier for developers to revamp existing apps to work on BlackBerry devices, reducing the risks of investment.

“We ourselves are more in the exploratory phase right now,” he said. “If the platform looks like it can be profitable, we might spend a little more time considering it.”…



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