Microsoft Shows Support for Software Identification Tagging and Standardization Efforts

April 25th, 2012 by simran Leave a reply », a registration and certification authority for ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009 software identification (SWID) tags, today announced that Microsoft will begin supporting standardized SWID tags. With this announcement, the last major impediment to software buyers being able to require SWID tags in software they purchase has been removed.

“Questions about Microsoft’s support for the SWID standard have been asked by every organization that has been briefed about the standard,” said Steve Klos, executive director. “Now that this key question is answered, we are on the cusp of a new era of software publishing, one where buyers will make purchasing decisions based on the ease of management and security of software titles. Additionally, because this is an ISO/IEC standard, governments world-wide are exploring the option of requiring SWID tags in the software they purchase.”

Microsoft’s shift towards SWID standardization coincides with their appearance at’s sponsored 2012 Software Identification Summit being held May 2, 2012 at the Campbell Community Center in Campbell, California. Heather Young, Senior SAM Program Manager, Microsoft will be presenting information about this pivotal announcement.

The summit will also highlight Richard Struse, Deputy Director for Software Assurance, U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s, National Cyber Security Division. Richard will present how SWID tags are an integral part of a standards-based cyber security ecosystem and the need for public-private collaboration to accelerate their adoption and use in both government and the private sector.

Focusing on the critical importance for software publishers to incorporate tags into their development process as early as possible, the summit is a forum for software publishers, purchasers and tool providers to discuss security, logistics and compliance problems that are directly attributable to the lack of accurate and authoritative software identification information.



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