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Discerning Women Outsmarted by Crafty Online Dating Software

April 30th, 2012

Online dating has always been the most competitive among men, since new and interesting women are typically bombarded by messages within minutes of sign on. What’s more, women tend to be very picky about the men that they consider communicating with online – and often look to the man’s initial message for proof that he’s interested in more than a pretty profile picture. Women want to know that the man has actually read their profile and shares like interests.

Conveying a deeper interest at lightning fast speed is often the only way to get an online date with an interesting woman – but who has the time? What if there was an easier way for men to catch a woman’s attention across multiple sites instantly? A faster method of connecting with women, learning about new profiles that match desired traits and a way to send one personalized message to multiple prospective dates across the top dating sites?

Dating Site Messenger – Search Multiple Sites In A Single Click

With Dating Site Messenger, anyone can easily search multiple dating sites with one click. After entering all of one’s dating accounts into the streamlined Windows compatible software, Dating Site Messenger will search for the type of woman the user is looking for (searchable fields include: age, distance, ethnicity, interests, etc.).

By working with all of the top internet dating sites including, Zoosk, okcupid and POF, Dating Site Messenger effectively streamlines and simplified the online dating experience – giving its users all desired search results on one easy to navigate page.

Connect On A Personal Level Without Even Reading Her Profile

Plus, instead of writing multiple messages over and over again or copying, pasting and repurposing old messages, Dating Site Messenger offers easy to customize message templates that actually pull information from the prospect’s profile. For example, if she is into “coffee and conversation”, Dating Site Messenger will create a personalized message that conveys like interests. This personalization feature is what has many women up in arms – since they look for emails that demonstrate true compatibility, Dating Site Messenger emails are more likely to be read and responded to.


Latest Trends in CRM Software

April 30th, 2012

The importance of establishing and maintaining good customer relationship management (CRM) should be obvious to all hoteliers wanting to expand their business and increase revenue.

Luckily, CRM technology providers are brimming with ideas to align your CRM with mobile devices, cloud computing and 360 customer data.
Responsive Design: Libra OnDemand

One such advancement to hit the hotel sector comes from Libra OnDemand who has launched ‘Responsive Design’ email marketing for the hospitality industry, which offers customised displays on mobile and tablet devices. Libra OnDemand is a SaaS application that will allow hotels to communicate with guests through a number of popular social media networks.

More than 80 per cent of hospitality consumers now check their emails using Smartphones or tablet devices thanks to their surge in popularity over the last few years. Until now, a huge majority of marketing or transactional emails received on these mobile devices by hotel guests were not formatted properly for the screen size, resulting in a poor customer experience.

However, with the introduction of Libra OnDemand’s new ‘responsive design’ emails, marketing campaigns and transactional information will automatically be formatted to fit the screen of each device. Confirmations, pre-arrival communications, thank you and survey requests, which were often difficult to read on mobile devices, will now appear without the need for scrolling, squashing or pulling the text, which will please new and potential customers.
CRM and Financials: Aplicor

The use of Cloud based business software has been a very important development in hotel CRM software and is something that is constantly being expanded and improved upon. Aplicor has launched its Cloud Suite 7, which will allow hoteliers to control the cloud, modification and streamlining of business operations across the company to be able to challenge competitors with more information and resources. The Aplicor Cloud Suite 7 features comprehensive CRM and Financials in one solution, which will eliminate manual workings and help the business run more efficiently and keep the workforce mobile and evenly distributed.

Aplicor CEO, Scott Creighton said of the Aplicor Cloud Suite 7, “Small and medium sized companies are agile and social, they need a true cloud-based business software solution, one that reaches beyond traditional SaaS to drive business agility and provide a transformational individual user experience.”
Customer loyalty: GuestWare

Customer loyalty is what can drive a hotel’s revenue, especially during difficult financial times, so is an important factor to try to establish through good customer relationship management, consistent service quality and positive memorable experiences. GuestWare is a CRM System that uses technology to simplify processes that affect customer loyalty, service delivery and quality management, enabling front line staff to provide a successful one-to-one service.

GuestWare can link customer sales history with customer service information to get one comprehensive view of the customer and allows customer service agents to receive the information they need, whilst providing sales and marketing teams important data for targeted relationship marketing. The GuestWare strategy is to use technology at hotel level to create a more guest-centric, proactive business and align people and processes.

CRM is an ever-evolving mechanism so it is vital for hoteliers to keep with emerging trends and sustain their competitive edge.


Kaspersky releases new version of anti-spam software

April 30th, 2012

The new release provides detection, low false positive rates and ensure an instant reaction to new spam outbreaks

Kaspersky Lab has released a new version of its anti-spam product, Kaspersky Anti-Spam 5.0 Software Development Kit (KAS SDK).

The new release is a set of anti-spam tools that can be incorporated into any IT security product and it combines the automated anti-spam technologies and human analysis to provide detection, low false positive rates and ensure an instant reaction to new spam outbreaks, the company said.

Kaspersky’s new SDK utilises Kaspersky Lab’s Hybrid approach which enable its to access cloud-based intelligence and information distribution together with advanced offline protection technologies.

Any new spam message becomes tagged in seconds, and a corresponding signature gets added to the anti-spam databases with the next update (no later than 10 minutes).

The new release includes an anti-spam engine based on various detection methods that adds enhances the cloud mind’s power and guarantees improved detection rates for spam and phishing attacks while keeping false alarms to a minimum.

KAS SDK v.5 provides its host application with Text Signature Analysis, the “Fuzzy” and Words & regular expressions comparison algorithms and also provides DNS-based methods like DNSBL, Sender Policy Framework, Reverse DNS Lookup, Spam URL Blacklists.

It also provides more than 22 categories of linguistic heuristics, native 64-bit support for all platforms, Blacklisting/Whitelisting (IP, emails, phrases) and analysis of formal message attributes (headers, sender IP analyses, etc.).


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