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Mobile tracking software logs every phone activity, threat to personal data

November 30th, 2011

It’s not just Facebook who has been accused of accessing private user information. Trevor Eckhart, an Android developer had recently become the talk of the techville when he shed light on a certain security software from a company called Carrier iQ that is capable of recording users’ phone activity. Basically, it is mobile tracking software used for quality checks. This software, which has been stealthily pre-loaded on millions of handsets gets further scrutinized by Trevor. He now discloses a 17 minute video displaying that Carrier iQ software can report everything that a user does. It can keep a track of the user’s SMSes, key presses, GPS and so on.

The video shows that the software is logging Eckhart’s online search results, inspite of using the HTTPS version of Google to hide searches from spying elements. “Every button you press in the dialer before you call, it already gets sent off to the IQ application,” reveals the video. The content is secretly sent to Carrier IQ’s servers.

This pre-installed software can be turned off only by rooting the phone and replacing the operating system. Moreover, phone activities are reported to Carrier IQ, even after you stop the wireless service and use only Wi-Fi.

Mobile devices have almost become a hub of corporate and personal data. Such stealthy intrusion could have worse implications. Companies should not be allowed to employ such tracking tools without the consent of the phone owner. What are your views? Do let us know.


CR Software Launches Government Solutions Division

November 30th, 2011

CR Software, the world’s leading collections and receivables management software supplier announced today the establishment of a Government Solutions Division.

“As most of us know, the private sector isn’t the only area struggling with decreased operational funding, record debt levels and high consumer expectations,” said Martin Germanis, CEO, CR Software. “The public sector is being asked to do more with less. Government budgets have been cut and staffs have been reduced. Budgets across the country are stretched tighter than ever,” he stated.

Government leaders are rethinking debt collection, recognizing the impact increased collection revenue has on budgets at every level. “We’ve been helping agencies at the Federal, state and local level increase collection revenue for years. Creating a government division is a natural step as we continue to expand our expertise in this area,” Germanis said.

The U.S. Department of Education, collecting more than $33 billion debt from three million borrowers and more than 15 million active loans recently implemented CR Software’s Titanium ORE (Open Receivables Environment) platform as their system of record. The office of Federal Student Aid plans to increase student loan recovery by almost three percent by the year 2015, using Titanium as the basis for this increase.

The State of Mississippi doubled collection revenue in one year following the implementation of Titanium. Other states, agencies and counties across the country are experiencing similar, tangible success.

Property taxes, unemployment insurance overpayments and fraud detection, child support, DMV fees, fines and other charges are included in the debt types Titanium specializes in collecting. “The beauty of the Titanium platform is its’ ability to collect every type of debt, integrating with legacy and any other system or application an agency requires, using one platform, one download and one support system” said Germanis.

Germanis went on to document the savings government agencies realize using Titanium. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of business processes to support the most complex environments, agencies gain the ability to significantly improve processes in real time, independent of vendor assistance with little additional cost.

“Configurability is key. Not only do government agencies save a tremendous amount of money because the system is so flexible, it also puts them in control. They collect more because they’re meeting their own specific requirements, revising workflow processing to meet ever-evolving needs,” Germanis stated.


InnovizeTech Software Raises Rs4.5Cr From Seed Enterprises

November 30th, 2011

The funds raised will be used to expand customer base, add advanced features as desired by key customers, and undertake R&D.

Seed Enterprises is founded by Mitesh Bohra, Avinash Sethi and Siddharth Sethi and are entrepreneurs having previously co-founded InfoBeans Systems. Seed is a newly established fund with an objective to seek high-growth investment opportunities in software products in the emerging markets.

With this investment, Mitesh Bohra has joined the Board of Directors, and Avinash Sethi is now part of the executive management team as Chief Marketing Officer.

Founded in 2008, Pune based InnovizeTech Software provides software solutions to measure and analyze enterprise effort and time productivity analyses.

It has developed Sapience, which is a patent-pending and award-winning solution that powers a 15-20% increase in work output for companies, without requiring any change in existing process or additional management effort.

Last year in June, the company raised angel funding from Indian Angel Network.

Recently, Mumbai-based start-up Webklipper Technologies Pvt Ltd, which offers online surveys and feedback tools for e-commerce sites, vertical search sites and blogs, has raised its first round of funding from the Indian Angel Network, led by Google India chief Rajan Anandan.

IAN’s other investment includes Jigsee Inc, Span Across IT Solutions Pvt Ltd (, COMPSKarmic Labs, Digilogue Communications, Kwench Library Solutions, Druvaa Software, Robhatah Robotic Solutions, Vienova Technology, AuthorGen Technologies, among others.


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