Windows 7 Applications Keep Rockin’

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Industry observers have found that applications for Android smartphones had increased significantly since October last year. According AndroidLib site, as quoted by Yahoo News, on Saturday (01/01/2011), more than 100 thousand applications are already available in Android Market. Even sites that track such statistics Android found that in November, Google’s platform has reached approximately 24 thousand new applications in November, while this month there are approximately 26 thousand new applications.

Compared to the number of applications on Apple’s AppStore is now a total of 300 thousand, this figure is still too small. Even 40 thousand between applications in the AppStore this can only be opened on the iPad. But the growth of Android apps is quite rapid recall in March and July, the successive application only has a row of 30 thousand to 70 thousand applications. In addition to the store application, the Windows Phone 7 also showed significant growth. In the past two months since Windows 7 Phone application store launched, of 5,000 applications have been crowded into the store. Well this is a very good news for them.

“In other words, Windows 7 Phone gets faster than Android. Windows only took two months to have approximately 5000 applications from 10 devices across 30 countries in the world,” said director of applications development software firm IDC, Al Hilwa.



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