OESF Unveils SDK for Android-based Application Delivery Systems

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Open Embedded Software Foundation (OESF) demonstrated “Market Place SDK,” a software development kit (SDK) to develop delivery and billing systems for applications software for the Android platform, Sept 1, 2010.

OESF aims to spread the use of Android, which is being developed by Google Inc, for embedded systems. By using the SDK, companies other than Google will be able to make application delivery systems such as Android Market, which is offered by Google.

The Market Place SDK was demonstrated at Birds of a Feather 2010/Tokyo Summer, an event that OESF organized for its members in Tokyo. OESF had a demonstration of connecting to a demonstration server by using a sample store application. In the demonstration, available billing methods were credit card, electronic money and bank account.

OESF expects that the SDK will be used to develop not only application delivery systems like Android Market but also systems for update services for applications provided by handset makers, etc. It can also be used to develop systems for billing within an application or a content, such as a system for selling an item in a game application.

The SDK includes a sample store application, and it is possible to make an original store application by customizing the sample. For its members, OESF plans to offer a server for checking the operations of application delivery systems.



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