Mbeach Software Inc. Further Targeting Markets For Non-Intrusive Technologies For The Detection Skin Cancer

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Mbeach Software Inc. (“MBHS”) recently issued a stockholder update on the growing market for skin cancer diagnostic solutions. These market developments represent significant opportunities for the wholly owned subsidiary, Skin Cancer Scanning ltd. (“SCS”) to grow the company and become a leading industry player.

In particular, the company has identified the Japanese, Hi-Tech orientated market, as a potential pivotal market, with increasing awareness to skin cancer related issues in the past decade.

Total population of Japan exceeds 125 million people, and there is increasing demand for advanced medical technologies.

In Japan, the number of patients with malignant skin tumors has increased year by year. The most prevalent skin tumor was basal cell carcinoma, followed by squamous cell carcinoma, and then by malignant melanoma.

The recent annual increased proportion of deaths from Non Melanoma Skin Cancer (NMSC) was 3.8%. (Hisashi Ohtsukaa, Shogo Nagamatsub).

Early detection is critical to survival, and can lead to almost a one hundred percent cure rate. However, the effectiveness of current cancer detection procedures is heavily dependent on the experience of the examiner, and errors in diagnosis can be fatal. Occasionally, cancers remained undetected, grow further and lead to lower chances of survival. An additional disadvantage with current diagnostic methods is that they rely on a biopsy, the intrusive removal of tissue sample, to confirm the presence of cancerous tissue.

Biopsies can be painful, leave scarring, and often cause unnecessary patient anxiety. SCS is clearly focused on meeting this growing market need for a safe, non-intrusive technology to detect skin cancer.

Mbeach CEO Yossi Biderman commented,” The Japanese market and other intended market surveys are being initiated at these early stages due to the lengthy regulatory procedures in each country, before receiving marketing approval. We expect these proceedings to be finalized within the coming year,2011, coinciding with the final development and clinical trial stages of SkinScan 650, our simple-to-use, noninvasive, point-of-care, skin cancer detection solution.”



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