Vox4Poker Online Poker Voice Command Software Released

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As any casino regular will tell you, verbal bets at the poker table are binding. Whether you say “all-in” or “fold,” whatever comes out of your mouth is your action at the table. Until now, making voice commands while playing online poker has been limited to screaming at the monitor during bad beats and coolers. Now, there’s a group of young programmers working on a piece of software called Vox4Poker, which will allow you to play on several rooms using your voice as you would in a real game.

Right now, the program is free of charge, as it is currently in beta. Obviously, there is interest in a program like this for players who play a limited number of tables, but the benefits are obvious. For people who can’t quickly move or click a mouse, this software would be of tremendous help logging hours at the virtual tables.

Vox4Poker first appeared in our own PokerSoftware.com forums and supports PokerStars and Full Tilt in its current state. There are plans to include two more rooms in every new update, which may come once or twice a month. Players will be able to use their voice to initiate the actions you would normally perform with a mouse and keyboard. The lead developer has stated that he doesn’t feel that his program is a complete replacement for traditional computer input devices. Rather, it will improve the poker experience and allow people to switch between voice and mouse or use them at the same time.

The program comes with a quick guide for basic commands. For example, to bet a given quantity, you would say, “Increase (Number of Chips)” and then “Bet” to execute the betting command at the table. At the same time, you will still be able to use the fixed betting interface at the table.

Vox4Poker is available in English, French, and Spanish and the team developing it is actively looking for participants to help perfect the program. Whether you want to just try out the program and report bugs or help in the translation process, the team is taking e-mails (contact@thevoxtools.com) from the general public at this time.

The program can be downloaded from the company’s website and is only available for Windows PCs at this time. There is a separate download for the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker versions. The executable is smaller than 500 KB in size, which should take only moments to download on any standard internet connection. The team has also posted a tutorial video on YouTube that is definitely worth a look before using.

Some of the voice commands shown in the demo include “View Lobby,” “Increase [number] chips,” “Bet,” and “Table [number],” all of which worked perfectly. The program looks pretty slick from the YouTube demonstration and is definitely worth a try. Visit the thread in Software Discussion for full details.



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