Partners With Industry Leading ESP Bronto Software To Deliver Timely, Relevant Offers To Customers

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Veteran Internet retailer has announced the selection of Bronto Software’s email marketing suite as an integral part of the company’s customer relationship management initiative. The marriage of perennial Inc. 500 company and Bronto, the newly minted Inc. 5000 ESP, creates a powerful partnership aimed at creating and fostering communication between the college textbook superstore and its growing customer base.

Companies already spend more annually on email than on pay-per-click marketing and email marketing spend is expected to surpass $1.1 billion in 2010. is poised to stay ahead of those trends and create a comprehensive email marketing plan that will serve as the cornerstone of the company’s social media strategy.

“In an industry where the market segment can often feel disconnected from large brands, the integration of the Bronto email marketing suite allows us to create a meaningful dialogue with our customers” said Matt Montgomery, President & CEO of

Bronto provides the ability to customize transactional emails triggered by events within the customer’s account. Order confirmation, credit card authorization, and shipping notifications can be populated with details of the transaction and sent seamlessly to the recipient, increasing buyer confidence and loyalty. The new email platform also provides with the ability segment promotional emails based on past purchasing history, location or other demographic to ensure the most relevant offers are being presented to the customer list.

Advanced reporting metrics and a better than 97% overall deliverability rate ensures that’s email relationship with its customer base remains a beneficial partnership for both and its students.

Montgomery continues, “Bronto allows us to engage our customers with offers and information tailored specifically to the user based on prior purchasing habits. Past rental customers will receive rental offers and users with a history of purchasing DVDs will get emails about upcoming releases. No more wasted time and effort spent marketing to the wrong market segments.”



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